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So let’s clear up a couple things about Fire Emblem Warriors, talking as someone who’s actually played the game.

  • You can switch between multiple characters on the fly.
  • Xander, Ryoma and Lianna are boss characters (at least in the demo).
  • Pairing Up from Awakening/Fates makes a return.
  • When paired up, allies can defend you from an attack when the Guard Gauge is maxed out.
  • Paired up allies can also follow-up on command to extend combos (best against bosses to juggle them).
  • Team Critical Hit/Special Attacks are possible. (AND THEY LOOK DOPE AS HELL.)
  • There is an experience system in place that extends beyond the typical Level 20 cap for all characters.
  • Every character has a taunt. (Because lol?)
  • Cavalier units are much larger than foot soldiers. (Xander in particular is a FUCKING GIANT.)
  • Attacks appear to borrow inspiration from their respective titles. (Marth has Dancing Blade and Corrin has Dragon Fang + Shot combos)
  • And finally, it appears that the game comes with Dual Audio. (My playable characters spoke English while Ryoma and Xander distinctively had Japanese voice-overs during introductions).

Spread this around so people know what they’re in for. Are ya’ll excited? I personally would’ve liked to see other fan favorites ala Ike, Roy, Lyn, Hector, Micaiah, Ephraim, etc. but I get why they’re not included and let’s try not to bash it on that reason alone.

Now to wait for word about FE15 on Switch~.

marielbtr5  asked:

Ok I'm just a bit confused about when the dub episodes are going to be available, until December on Netflix? the episodes are not going be transmitted by Disney before the release on Netflix?

Release date time!

  • 23rd October - Disney Channel Spain (Spanish / potential English)
    In Spain, Disney do upload their episodes to the website. They used to have dual audio with English, however I am not sure if this feature is now gone. They’re also subtitled in Spanish too, on their website.
  • 26th October - Tfou (French only)
    We will be subbing this into English, however it may take slightly longer than usual due to me (Alice) being at Comic Con and I have to time as Abbey has an exam when it airs. Spacey also has work that day and cannot take the day off unlike Rita who is very dedicated for this release…
  • November - Disney Channel UK (English)
    You have the fabulous me who can very quickly rip the episodes and upload them in 480i. Because I am so kind, I have gone and brought an Elgato Game Capture Card HD60 and a HDMI switch box so the episodes can then be captured in 1080i. I did some maths, you now own me 195 packets of Oreos because the money could have gone there.
  • November - Disney Channel Italia (Italian)
    I miss Alex & Co…
  • 3rd November - Gloob (Brazilian Portuguese)
    I get this is no longer English dub or sub, but I know some people probably want a list of dates at this point.
  • 17th November - Disney Channel Germany (German)
    Fun fact, Disney Channel is free to view in Germany with episodes available on their website, no login required.
  • December 2017 - Netflix US (English / potential other languages)
    Honestly I debate if this will even happen at this rate, all 13 episodes would be required to be finished for a start. Then Netflix need to outsource the subtitling and if they are going to include other languages for dubs and subs, they need to be timed.

TL;DR: Disney Europe shall be showing English dub episodes before Netflix in the US. The only thing holding back a UK release is The Lodge Season 2, as that has the current new release timeslot.

There are probably more release dates out there, but that is all I have bothered to keep track of as those are the main ones that interest me :)

Kids were laughing in my classes
While I was scheming for the masses
Who do you think you are?
Dreaming ‘bout being a big star
They say you’re basic, they say you’re easy
You’re always riding in the backseat
Now I’m smiling from the stage
While you were clapping in the nose bleeds

Apollo is done with Blackquill's shit.
Apollo is done with Blackquill's shit.

((As promised, Simon and Apollo bickering. Like I said I’m female so my voices for these two aren’t exactly gonna be perfect, I really couldn’t find a ‘voice’ for Apollo that was unique from my own so I gotta work on that xP

I’d love to credit the creator of the original comic, but I actually can’t find who. If anyone happens to know who made this, feel free to send me a message so I can credit.))

I will never understand why everyone demands the new games to be dual audio. I love hearing Japanese voices in Fire Emblem as much as the next person, but pretty much every game except for Fates features Medieval settings, it wouldn’t fit at all. Awakening and Fates both had good voice acting for the most part, so I really don’t see the need to keep it in Japanese.

character introductions!

(translated by me with a bit of help from good ol google)

Yayoi Sakurano

A country girl who came to the city to become a singer. She is studying fashion. She’s always cheerful, but a bit clumsy.

Tsukiko Amurasaki

A girl with amazing singing skills who aims to become a singer. She’s a rich girl and acts like it. Likes coffee.

Hotaru Kinashi (hotaru im in love with you already)

A strange girl who loves bread. She’s a huge sci-fi fan, and only talks about sci-fi films. It seems she’s actually famous on the net.


shit the songs are voiced. @ noe PLEASE have dual audio (or better yet just dont dub the songs) i BEG of you