I have a schoolgirl fantasy of taking my duaghter whom I love to school and wishing her a good day and then she comes home and tells me how she did, then I go in the back yard and run laps while reciting the entire script of Baby Geniuses

Imagine being Barba’s daughter and Jamie asking you out on a date

(A/N: For @crazyreader1899 who requested something with Jamie as well as the reader being Barba’s duaghter. I hope you and everyone else enjoys this! Also I hope the Anon and everyone else who wanted more Jamie enjoys this) 

Imagine being Barba’s daughter and Jamie asking you out on a date

“NYPD freeze!” A harsh voice from behind you demanded.

You’d heard the door being broken in seconds before. It had shocked you so much that didn’t react. You froze before they even said it in fear. Once the orders were barked at you, you slowly turned around the refrigerator door still open as you turned, a carton of milk still in your hand and a cereal bowl in the other. It was pitch black except for the light from the refrigerator and the two flashlights staring at you, illuminating perfectly the barrels of two guns also aimed in your direction. You were so scared that your hands flew up immediately and in the process, you dropped both the milk and bowl on the floor.

Instantly shattering.

That noise was obviously enough to wake up your Dad, but obviously, the door flying off its hinges wasn’t.

“What the hell is going on?” You heard your Dad shout as he flipped the light switch and lit up the entire room.

You squinted in the bright lights and finally saw the faces behind the two guns faced at you. Two uniformed NYPD officers.

“Dad…” You finally spluttered out, not taking your eyes off.

“Y/N?” He asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Getting a surprise midnight snack. Next time I’ll call in advance.” You explained hastily, your hands still up.

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VIXX Reaction to they’re daughters wanting to have a tea party:

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Hey guys! Can I please request a reaction of Vixx and their daughters who want to have a tea party with them?

Awwwww this is so adorable!! >//w//< THANK YOU FOR THIS REQUEST IT’S GONNA BE SO FUN TO MAKE! ^^

Let’s do this! 

-Admin Sherlock

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He would be hit by the feels and give in to the adorableness. Even though he wasn’t used to doing stuff like this, he would help his daughter set up the tea set and have a grand time with her.

“Ok, ok. Let’s get ready, you little cutie.”

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Leo LOVES kids, as you very well know, so when his two twin daughters came rushing over to him with their little princess tea set, begging him to have a tea party with them, he couldn’t say no.

He would help them set up, making sure that everything was perfect, down to the very finest detail.

“Of course! Let’s go set up, shall we?”

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*gets super excited*

Ken would get super excited when his two little daughters asked him to have a tea party with them. He would get really into it, holding up his pinky when he drank from the tiny pink tea cup, and maybe even wearing one of his daughter’s tiaras. He would love spending some quality time with them.

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*chuckles softly at the cuteness*

He would agree, seeing his daughter holding a cute little tea set in her hands, with her big pleading eyes. They would have lots of fun together.

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Hongbin was in busy reading his book, when he felt a little tug on his arm. He looked up from his book to see his little daughter holding a tea set in her hands.

“Daddy, can we have a tea party? Pretty please?”

He would chuckle at her cute request, and would gladly agree to have a tea party with her.

“Haha, of course. Let me just save my page.”

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*puts on headpiece* “Ok, let’s do this.”

He would agree to have a tea party with his daughter, finding a fitting headpiece to wear for the occasion. It would get his daughter super excited, and he would smile knowing that he made her happy.

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Baby’s First Steps

Yugyeom: Holds his baby’s hand and gently walks around with him. Is the proudest Appa the world has ever seen. Brags for days after this.

Kunpimook: Looks on happily and encourages his duaghter to do one more step, but laughs his ass of when she falls on her butt, causing her to giggle back at him loudly.

Youngjae: Tries to contain himself, lest he startles his babygirl and makes her fall over, but he actually wants to cheer out loud.

Jinyoung: Waaaaaay proud Appa. Films every moment. Tries to cheer and quietly as he can and end up looking like a spastic loon.

Jackson: Literally sticks his foot up his mouth to muffle his outcries of pride, so that he doesn’t startle the poor girl. Runs off to tell everyone how fucking proud he is of her and calls his mother, in fucking tears.

Jaebum: Sits by and smiles happily at his baby boy. He is very quiet and just relishes the wonderful milestone, taking one picture to show to you later if you aren’t enjoying the moment with him.

Mark: Sits down and calls his son over, hoping he will waddle over to his appa, cheers softly when the little boy succeeds and gently cuddles him.

Calor (Maria Reynolds)


Request Queue

Warnings- abuse

Request- “Hi!! Your stories are great. This request might be out of your comfort level since you mainly write from the male characters point of view, but I was hoping that maybe you could do a Maria Reynolds story from her POV. I think it would be interesting to see her view on everything that went down with Alexander. Thanks!!😊”

A/N- (I did so much research for this fic. Did you know that Burr stopped Hamilton from dueling James Monroe and he was basically Jefferson in ‘We Know’ because he confronted Hammy about the money and rumors and Ham was like ‘look at these letters from my side chick’ 

Also Maria was 24 and had a duaghter with James when this started but I’m too lazy to go back and insert a child into this fic

also also (these author’s notes just get longer and longer jesuis) sorry this is kinda short i wanted to make it longer but i’m writing this at 4 am and i have 5 other fics to write before I leave :O”

Words- 1,117

I felt the sting before his palm even collided with my face. I’m used to it, God am I used to it, but that doesn’t make it hurt less every time it happens. The pain bloomed across my face like a flower riddled with thorns. 

“Don’t fucking talk back to me you bitch.” James wrapped his fingers around my throat, but he didn’t constrict, yet. 

“I-I only asked where you were going.” I stuttered. I felt rage boiling inside me, aimed at the man I no longer knew, but I was all to aware that if I wasn’t careful, the aftermath would be bloody. 

He glared, and I coughed as his fingers clenched slightly. “You should know better than to ask that.” he growled before releasing me. I took a deep breath. I don’t remember the last time I was so grateful for air. Probably the last time James was upset. 

“I’m sorry.” I whispered. 

His lips snarled and he laughed a cold laugh that sent shivers through me. “Have a nice life, Maria.” he spat before turning and walking out the door. 

When I was sure he was gone, I sighed and sat down on the deep yellow parlor sofa, dirty and worn from the countless nights James hadn’t made it to our bed. I was grateful he was gone. For a few hours at least, I was free. He would come back, though. He always did. 

It had been six days since James left me. No letters, not even a small note. No idea where he was. No idea when he was coming back. No sign that he cared about me at all. 

Everyday bills and notices of unpaid debts poured in. I stared down at them helplessly. James had never been gone this long before. Usually it was just a night, maybe a full day. I looked from the many papers to the door. James wasn’t coming home. Something had to be done. 

The air was warm as I walked along the streets, but I felt cold. Despite everything, there was a small glimmer of golden hope. James may be gone, and I had nothing, but James was gone. The light inside of me dimmed when I saw several children out playing in front of one of the house. I was hit with the stark reminder of why this all started, and how it was my fault. 

I felt my insides churning as I knocked on what I hoped was the right door. A tired and sullen looking man appeared before me. He perked up at the sight of me. 

“Hello.” he said carefully. 

“H-hello sir.” I stuttered, feeling uncharacteristically embarrassed. “I really sorry to bother you; you’re obviously very busy.” I looked down. My coiled hair fell over my face. I felt his touch on my arm and flinched away instinctively. 

“Sorry,” he said quickly. “How did you get these?” His voice was quiet. I glanced and noticed he was staring at the purple and yellow flowers that riddled my arms and collarbone. I couldn’t think of anything to say. All I did was stare helplessly up at the older man. His eyes were dark and tired, but underneath all that there was genuine concern, something I hadn’t seen a very long time. “What’s your name?” he asked quietly.  

“Maria Reynolds.” I said meekly. 

A grin spread slowly across his face. “Maria.” he said like it was something spectacular. “Alexander Hamilton. Please, come in.”  He opened the door wider and stepped aside. 

“Thank you, sir.” I said as I walked past him. I looked around at the calm household. I had not been here before this, but I could still tell that the house was empty and unusually quiet. 

“Please sit.” Alexander said. I nodded and sat down on the couch he gestured to, still taking in my surroundings. Books and quills covered practically every surface. “Can I get you anything?” 

“No. I really shouldn’t stay long.” I said. Thoughts of what James might do if he knew I was here flashed through my mind. I almost made a run for it. Alexander sensed this. 

“It’s okay, Maria.” He sat down next to me. “No one will know you’re here.” I nodded and swallowed hard. I hated asking for help, but I had no other choice. 

“I came to ask you for favor…” I started. 

“Of course.” Alexander assured. I bit my lip and looked down at my hands. 

“My husband is…difficult.” I explained. Alexander nodded, signaling both sympathy and understanding. “He…well he left about a week ago, and now bills are piling up and-” 

Alexander held his hand up and stopped me from rambling any further. “Maria, I would be not only a fool, but also an ass if I didn’t help you.”  he smiled. Alexander stood up from the couch gracefully and walked through an open doorway. I leaned back and saw him bending over a very chaotic looking desk with a quill in his hand. He returned to me with a satisfied grin, and held out a large rectangle of paper. I took it from him slowly and glanced down. 

“Oh, Mr Hamilton, sir. This is too much. I couldn’t take this.” I uttered. 

He waved a hand in the air. “Please, I’m more than willing. If you need more, please come see me again,” He grabbed my hand and brushed his lips against it softly. “Miss Maria.” My heart fluttered at the gentle notion. I hadn’t experienced such kindness from a man in years. “I will walk you home.” he offered, holding his arm out. I took it gratefully. 

“You’re too kind, sir.” I commented with a small on my face. 

“Please, call me Alexander, or Alex even.” he said. I smiled and looked down as we walked out onto the street. I told Alexander all the right turns to take until we arrived in front of the house I once shared with James Reynolds. I sighed and turned to Alexander. 

“Thank you, Alexander, for everything.” I stressed. 

“Of course.” he smiled. His hand trailed down my forearm slowly. “If there’s anything else I can do for you, Maria, just let me know.” 

Realization hit. Of course. It was such a large sum of money of course he would want something more. And he looked so stressed too. It made sense.

I looked up at him through my eyelashes. “Would you like to come inside Alexander?” 

He looked out towards the street. Whether he was trying to decide if this was worth it or simply checking to see that no one was looking, you couldn’t tell, but after a moment he turned to you. 

“How could I say no, Maria.” 

  • my dad: *talking about my likes and dislikes* you are my daughter
  • me, a small trans guy: ... yeah... :(
  • my dad: or son, whatever
  • me out loud: yeah
  • me internally: [ungodly screeching] [cries from joy]
The Wedding

It was the day, it was her and Toms weddibg day on this cold day but January was a good mo th she thought memorable for a winter wedding, it will be held at the beautiful New West End Synagogue .

She was getting ready at her and Toms flat, her mother had awakened her tearfully happy fir her daughter but this was emotional, she ran her a honey and milk Cleopatra bath with red rose petals scented candles surrounded her she washed her duaghters hair as they talked about the past and what was to be expected of a wife and how lucky she is to have a man like Tom who loves her so much. Hrr sister helped her ready as the bridesmaids got ready themselves and when she was compeltely dressed in such a beautoful one of a kind dress and veil her makeup done and hair too, her mother in tears again, it was time for her to go to temple it was time for her to be married.


ok but what about an au where Octy wakes up one night and all of his men are gathered around some new miniatures that were added and when Octavius breaks up the croud he finds his wife, Livia and his daughter Julia but Julia is a tiny cinnamon roll and Livia is very confused and Oct is standing with tears in his eyes bc he missed his family. and then he embraces both of them and he’s kissing his wife and holding onto his daughter tightly and he’s just so happy that he’s been re-united with his fam.

and also jed has a huge crush n oct and he was finally going to tell him but when he climbs up to octs diorama he sees oct with Livia and his duaghter and they look so happy and Jed just kinda feels this pang in his chest and leaves

“Daddy! This!” The little girl whined as she knocked a box of cereal off the shelf, causing August to groan. “We already have that, munchkin.” He replied, grabbing the box and and putting it back on the shelf. Rae pouted, getting up from the front of the buggy and choosing to instead crawl on him, hanging from his arm. “When I said I wanted a monkey, this is not what I had in mind.”

to all my future daughters

I swear to all my future daughters
I will not abandon you, I will always tell the truth ,Even if it’s killing me.        

I’ll make sure you’re well prepared,  know the only thing to fear is fear.    

with all the love in all the world.

for this I go to war.

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awww, i love Wanda in your style, can you draw more of her?


and thanks a ton!!! ;v;

Okay but like, when people find out they’re pregnant… they all do the thing where they choose a handful of boy names, some girl names, some even add unisex names…

If baby is designated one gender at birth, and you name them for that gender… but later on they let you know they’re actually the other gender… 

Why not just sit down for a minute and try to recall the list of alternate gendered names you were going to call them anyway… and discuss it with them, rather than reacting like it’s a foreign concept?

Like… you were prepared for them to be the other gender anyway, why not just realise you get the full spectrum of parenthood here?