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sana and eva are bi and together and aren’t afraid as long as they have each other // not my pictures


Have you never heard the story of the great She-Wolf? How her grey fur would move at the edge of sight like a billowing cloud of smoke? How she had teeth like shards of ice and eyes like fiery embers. She had claws that tore into the flesh of the dirt as she ran, as though the Earth itself were her prey. She had a tongue of fire. And her howl! How it would echo like thunder in a distant valley! Every bird and beast would take flight at its sounding and flee before this dark and old Queen of this dark and old wood. And have you never heard of her Hunt? How she would hunt the wicked men: the evil-doers, the oppressors, the rapists and abusers, and devour them all. She savored the Hunt and she savored her prey. She savored the smell of their fear almost as much as she savored the stain of their blood on her jowl. And did you not hear how she was brought low by the treachery of one such wicked man? How that coward, that worm, that lowest born son amongst the lowliest born sons, let loose a poisoned shaft from the safety of a treetop and struck the Queen at her left breast? How she fell to the forest floor with a resounding finality that shook the very roots of the mountains? But did you not know, as that feckless huntsman failed to realize, that the Mother had Daughters? Nine Princesses of the Old Wood who were to become it’s Queens. Nine pained, piercing howls that broke through the still night air in unison as the Old Mother’s final breath passed her ashen tongue. Nine pairs of ember eyes that suddenly burst into flame. Those Nine sisters bore down upon the huntsman before he could think to escape. They tore him from his perch and threw him to the ground in their midst. Every ember eye eyed him darkly and every flaming tongue licked their teeth hungrily. And those Nine Sisters, those Nine Queens, devoured that lowly son of man, flesh, blood, and bone. They were this forest’s Queens now. They were it’s Guardians. And they had their duaghters and those daughters had daughters in turn, until all the Earth was overun by the children of the children of the children of the great Old She-Wolf. You may still see them today, if you knew where to look. There’s one now, walking down the street, walking with an air of regality befitting only the daughter of a queen. See how her dark curls rest against her ebony brow like a crown? She is a She-Wolf. And there is another, running through the park, running as though she seeks to run down her prey. There is an ancient song in her heart and a sly smile about her lips. She is a She-Wolf as well. Look all about you now, closer and harder than you’ve ever thought to look before. You will find they are all around you. And I think, perhaps, were you to look in the mirror, you might also see a She-Wolf staring back at you.

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Ok but what if the new mom already has a duaghter but this time shes older than them, like 14 and whenever she goes shopping/takes them shopping she just spoils them (ruki and reiji will never run out of books!:3) and shes so loving?

Admin Mawile: (˘・ᴗ・˘)

Shuu: He takes the affection wonderfully, and looks up to her more and more with every bit of attention she gives him. 

Reiji: He’s horribly unsure of what he did to earn so much kindness, but he’s absolutely determined not to disappoint her. 

Ayato: He practically hangs on her every word, and constantly tries to show off and get more attention and praise. 

Kanato: He’s almost as clingy with her as he is with you, and attaches himself to her side from the first few times she’s nice to him. 

Laito: He’s a bit nervous, but gets along with older girls well, and enjoys every moment of spoiling and attention she’ll be willing to give. 

Subaru: He’s very afraid that she’ll realize he’s not worth so much affection, but can’t quite bring himself to stay away and prevent it. 

Ruki: He doesn’t like being treated like a child, but can’t manage to say no to the attention and love from her either. 

Kou: He’s a little bit afraid of her at first, but quickly warms up to the affection and all but glues himself to her side. 

Yuuma: He gets along with her wonderfully from the very start, and quickly takes to the spoiling and attention. 

Azusa: He’s a little shy around new people, but will do anything for attention like that. He adjusts to her presence very quickly. 

Carla: He has a hard time getting used to being spoiled, and tries to claim that he doesn’t need to be treated like a child. 

Shin: He’s determined to show off and impress her at every turn, and gets himself in trouble looking for more attention. 

Okay but Rex and Ahsoka would have the most daring, bad ass and beautiful daughter in existence. Like she’d have personality traits from both of her parents, she’d be skilled, serious when it called for it but funny and laid back. Ooh she’d also be force sensitive but I think she’d prefer combat like her dad.

In the future she’d probably be like a general or admiral in the New Republic. And also she’d be close to Ezra, teaching him the things her mother taught her, making sure Ahsoka’s ways and teachings don’t fall. While she herself would always prefer Rex’s fighting style and teach it to her troops. She’d be her parents legacy and she’d never let them die.

Yess, I need this, I need to plan her out and draw her today.

Imagine being Barba’s daughter and Jamie asking you out on a date

(A/N: For @crazyreader1899 who requested something with Jamie as well as the reader being Barba’s duaghter. I hope you and everyone else enjoys this! Also I hope the Anon and everyone else who wanted more Jamie enjoys this) 

Imagine being Barba’s daughter and Jamie asking you out on a date

“NYPD freeze!” A harsh voice from behind you demanded.

You’d heard the door being broken in seconds before. It had shocked you so much that didn’t react. You froze before they even said it in fear. Once the orders were barked at you, you slowly turned around the refrigerator door still open as you turned, a carton of milk still in your hand and a cereal bowl in the other. It was pitch black except for the light from the refrigerator and the two flashlights staring at you, illuminating perfectly the barrels of two guns also aimed in your direction. You were so scared that your hands flew up immediately and in the process, you dropped both the milk and bowl on the floor.

Instantly shattering.

That noise was obviously enough to wake up your Dad, but obviously, the door flying off its hinges wasn’t.

“What the hell is going on?” You heard your Dad shout as he flipped the light switch and lit up the entire room.

You squinted in the bright lights and finally saw the faces behind the two guns faced at you. Two uniformed NYPD officers.

“Dad…” You finally spluttered out, not taking your eyes off.

“Y/N?” He asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Getting a surprise midnight snack. Next time I’ll call in advance.” You explained hastily, your hands still up.

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Okay my older sister gave me this idea so here we go

•Percy is the tree instead of Thalia and is born when Thalia is born
• like Percy and Thalia switch roles but not godly parents just ages
• maybe mortal parents tho
• actually yes mortal parents
• Thalia Jackson and Percy Grace
• possibly Annabeth/Thalia
• Thalia getting riptide
• Thalia and Grover being besties
• Nancy saying Thalia pushed her into the fountain even tho thalia is like ten feet away
• it was magic wind created by thalia
• thalia gets her shield and riptide bc I say so and that image is blessed
• Annabeth, a daughter of Athena considering Percy, a son of Posedion her older brother is just as interesting as them dating like in canon
• air head instead of seaweed brain
• thalia falling off the St Louis Arch while thinking she was going to die only to fly a little bit
• “Nope. Nope. Never doing that again. Let’s go and stay away from high places.”
• Zues master bolt is stolen and he thinks some other god convinced Thalia to steal it bc who better to steal from Zues than his own daughter
• Thalia befriended Tyson and scaring anyone who tries to bully Tyson
• Tyson gets claimed by Posedion and everyone is like wtf and Thalia is a little embarrassed she brought him to camp
• she of course learns better
• Thalia meeting Hermes on the beach
• Thalia goes right along with Annabeth with sneaking out of Camp along with Tyson who gets them the rainbow fish ponies
• thalia sets blackjack free from Luke’s ship and is like “stay gold ponyboy”
• Annabeth telling Thalia about the Cyclops that trapped her, Luke and Percy
• Circe turns Thalia into a guinea pig bc Thalia is very rude and unladylike. Also Circe is a bitch and for a while thought Thalia was a boy
• thalia flying Annabeth away from the sirens after shocking the sirens with a bolt of lightning
• “I’m Percy Grace, son of Posedion”
• Thalia dying of embarrassing bc Sally is telling all the baby thalia stories and Percy and Annabeth are just shocked about how Thalia was a sweet little baby
• thalia is notices how little Nico keeps bugging Percy and finds it funny
• Percy says the “Wow, Apollo is hot.”
• “pinecone face” “air head”
• Thalia’s pov of when Percy appears after following them on the quest to save artemis and Annabeth.
• thalia meeting Rachel
• Thalia holding up the sky and Percy being temped with joining Luke
• Percy pushing Luke off the cliff
• now for an idea that come to me halfway through writing this
• Percy is offered a place in the Hunters of Artemis and turns out Percy is a trans girl and of course Percy accepts since she doesn’t want to turn sixteen bc of the prophecy
• Thalia telling Nico that Bianca is dead
• Sally teasing Thalia about her date with Annabeth
• Thalia being tricked by Keli bc Thalia is super gay
• Thalia meeting Rachel again
• Thalia stopping by the Posedion cabin to see if Tyson is there which he is
• Annabeth and Thalia running into hera in the labyrinth, I think that happens near the beginning idk
• Thalia and Calypso. Also Annabeth kissing Thalia before the explosion.
• Thalia showing up to her own funeral like yo what’s up
• Thalia basically adopted Tyson as her brother
• Thalia talking with Nico and Bianca’s ghost
• The quest for Hades sword has a new dynamic
• oh yeah Thalia thinks Paul’s cool
• Thalia and Beckendorf are bros
• Thalia floats a few inches above the water to get to camp after the boat explosion
• Thalia getting Achilles Curse thinking of Annabeth and Sally
• Annabeth taking a knife for Thalia
• Rachel kissing Thalia
• Thalia giving the river gods a sand dollar Percy had regifted to her
• Thalia seeing Ethan fall knowing she could save him. All she had to do was jump. But the fate of the world was with Luke
• Percy with a broke leg after a statue of Hera fell on her
• Thalia going after Rachel to try to stop her from becoming the Oracle bc of May Castellan
• Thalia and Annabeth get thrown into the lake and Thalia makes an air bubble for a quick underwater kiss
• Thalia going missing
• Jason stuff happens and Annabeth’s face when he turns out to be Thalia’s half brother
• Jason finds a photo of Annabeth, Thalia, and Percy
• he asks Annabeth about the “boy” in the photo
• Annabeth tells him that Percy is girl and a duaghter of Posedion who joined the Hunters of Artemis.
• “What’s her full name?” “Persephone Grace. Percy is a nickname.”
• Jason internally being like oh shit I know her. That’s my sister
• Percy seeing her little brother and is so happy
• Leo making a joke about Mama Grace having godly talents in romance
• Percy glares at him and tells Jason about how when she was five another man came around every now and then
• the reason Hera/Juno took Jason was not only bc of the Greek vs Roman but also two children of the big three in one house
• Thalia coming to Camp Jupiter with the memory of Annabeth kissing her
• Thalia doesn’t think Reyna is trying to make a move on her bc honestly it’s hard to tell if a girl is being friendly or flirting sometimes
• Thalia being referred to as Jason’s sister
• Thalia pretty much adopting Hazel and Frank
• Thalia and Annabeth meeting again and kissing but also Annabeth judo flipping Thalia and Thalia laughing bc gods she loves Annabeth
• Thalia meeting Jason for the first time and learning he’s also Percy’s brother
• “I’m the better sister. I killed Minotaur and the lion thing. Also I made out with the current architect of Mount Olympus!”
• Jason and Leo are dating and Piper is like “Damn Reyna is cute.”
• Jason and Leo started dating after Jason and Piper realized the feelings they had for each were really fake
• basically this is a gay au
• Thalia being one of the seven instead of Percy
• Thalia going into tartarus with Annabeth
• there’s no forced Nico coming out scene bc I said so
• but Nico is still gay
• okay I’m out of creative juice
• I might do more stuff for this later but yeah that’s my Thalia Jackson AU

BAP: The First Time He Is Alone With His Infant Firstborn

Dae is very excited for being alone with his baby boy for the first time. He makes a big plan, but abandons it all when he wakes up in the morning. The baby is still sleeping, so Daehyun gets himself breakfast first. When he is done, he’ll wake up his son and change his nappies. Then he dresses him up nicely and bottle feeds him. He’ll play with him and rock him back to sleep. He’ll take a nap with him and later do some chores. When you go home, Daehyun is proud of his day alone with his baby boy, but also very glad you are home again.

No biggy for this man. He already practised at the BAP dorm. He will devote his day to his little girl. He’ll let her sleep until she waked up on own accord. Then he will change her nappies and bottle feed her. Then he will put her into a nice outfit and take a nice stroll in the park. He’ll maybe visit Yongguk. But he won’t stay out too long, because he baby needs her rest. He goes straight into her cradle when they come home. Himchan will spend time doing chores until his daughter wakes up. He’ll play with her a bit, change her nappy again and feed her another bottle. You come home to them both asleep on the couch.


He will enjoy his day off, alone with his son. He’ll take it easy, but keeps an eye on what his son needs. They will mostly laze around together, with Jongup sprawled out and the baby on his chest. Jongup changes nappies, feed the boy his warm milk bottles and plays with him. Tickle and peekaboo and all the things infants can handle. They’ll stay in and cuddle a lot. When you come home, they are both awake to welcome you.

Zelo is fine staying home alone with his daughter. He will have a bit of a plan cooked up, to which he keeps. He’ll wake his baby up, change her nappies and dresses her up. Then he goes walk Mochi, of course with his daughter in the stroller. He’ll do some groceries and then return home. He’ll bottle feed his baby girl and take breakfast himself. Then it is into the pram with the baby and some chores to Zelo. He might try to memorize some text and choreo too. He’ll take a nap with her and has himself lunch and bottle feeds his daughter again. When you return home, Zelo is playing a video game and your daughter is sleeping peacefully.

Yes, excuse me, but this is perfect, why tf did you leave the house, because now you can’t witness the amazingness that is Appa Yongguk! Of course he will try to sleep in, but end up working with his laptop in bed, until his son wakes up, staring at Yongguk, because he knows where it is at. Yongguk will get him out of his cradle and change his nappies and dress him up. Then it is time for Appa and son to do breakfast, although Yongguk will focus far more on feeding his son. He’ll spend a lot of time cuddling the child and working. He’ll also do chores and take the baby for a stroll while walking Tigger. When you come home, both Yongguk and your son are tightly asleep on the big bed.

Youngjae will have a lot of fun watching after his baby duaghter. He’ll make it a little party for himself. He will wake his daughter up by singing gently to her. She will smile when she hears his voice. Youngjae will clean her nappy and feeds her her first bottle. Then he will see if she wants to continue sleeping. If she stays awake, he’ll play with her. He’ll also do chores and do some singing exercises. When you return home, Youngjae is preparing for dinner.

Another thing I don’t understand about these big brand natural hair companies, like Carol’s Duaghter and Shae Moisture, is why their products are so expensive they are almost unaffordable? They are literally a luxury for certain people to get, especially black women who may not make enough money to afford $10 hair products. And you may think that ten dollars is not a  lot, but add that up and on top of that, add it up for people who don’t have a lot…that is ridiculous!

Going natural is supposed to be more efficient by both routine and cost. And I know natural hair companies and bloggers love to make natural hair look like this expensive, difficult process (and sometimes it can be tedious but this is said for all hair), but no…it shouldn’t be that way.

If you want so many people to go natural, then why not make natural hair affordable? Toward the beginning of a natural hair journey new naturals—especially 4c naturals—tend to waste their money on these big buck products that don’t even work like they’re supposed to in their hair and I just??

Natural hair should be efficient especially if you WANT people to go natural. So all these expensive brands baffle me.

And I understand there is marketing and what not, but I use cheap natural hair products and they work just fine.

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CONGRATULATIONS!! I love the name julia so much ive wanted to name my own duaghter that too, its such a beautiful name!

Her name is Julia Rose! I’m so excited to meet her oh my gosh!


《花间提壶方大厨》 Chef Fang   Ep. 3 - Father-in-Law in Awe

“Brat, to think that you would have this day… What a virtuous duaghter-in-law!”


A bolt of lightening danced across the sky followed by the clap of thunder mere seconds after, telling the green changeling that the storm was right on top of him, but that wasn’t what got his attention. The shrill ear piercing cry of his four month old daughter cut through the air far louder then any thunder clap ever could. He leapt from the couch not bothering to turn of the TV, and full on sprinted to the babies room, which of course was unnecessary since with his long legs it was only a few leaps away. Throwing open the door he could just make out the flailing limbs from the small bassinet, and checking the clock in his phone saw that it was feeding time. Normally he had a bottle with formula ready to go but the thunder and lightening probably woke her.

He lifted the child into his arms as gently as he could, hushing and rocking as her lifted her, but she continued to thrash and holler.

“Shh Marie it’s ok, shh.” But nothing he did soothed the child especially not with the thunder raging every few minutes. With each flash and each crack, she would thrash and flail, her screams getting louder by the second.

He gingerly made his way to the kitchen, the screaming of his daughter starting to make his sensitive ring. Jeez can this get any worse? Just as he entered the kitchen to fix her bottle there was s knock at his apartment door.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” he groaned as the thunder roared again, Marie thrashing in fear. “Just a second!” He ran into the kitchen grabbing a prepared bottle from the fridge, and I throwing it into the microwave, all the while Marie continued to cry, the knocking continuing at the door. “I said give me a second!” He roared but that only added to his frustration and Marie’s crying.

Thr microwave dinged, but in his haste and confusion with all the noise he set it to high, making the bottle way to hot for his daughter to eat or to even hold and he dropped it instantly, hot formula splashing everywhere.

“Son of a bi-”

Suddenly a pair of hands took the screaming child from his arms and left the kitchen. Immediately his mamma bear instincts took over, his eyes becoming savage slits, fangs ready to rip and tear, hands hinting at becoming razor claws, and a snarl leaving his curled lips. He stormed into the living room.

“Who the hell do you think-” his mouth stopped working, his heart skipping beats, his claws, fangs and rage forgotten. There, standing in his living room holding his little Marie, was someone he hadn’t seen in over three years. She looked almost the same. Her face wasn’t as round but was more womanly and the same could be said for her body which still held its fantastic hourglass shape, but nothing was more alluring then her incredible endless amethyst eyes, her pin straight shot violet hair, and pale, smooth alabaster skin.

“R-Raven?” His mouth finally said.

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Calor (Maria Reynolds)


Request Queue

Warnings- abuse

Request- “Hi!! Your stories are great. This request might be out of your comfort level since you mainly write from the male characters point of view, but I was hoping that maybe you could do a Maria Reynolds story from her POV. I think it would be interesting to see her view on everything that went down with Alexander. Thanks!!😊”

A/N- (I did so much research for this fic. Did you know that Burr stopped Hamilton from dueling James Monroe and he was basically Jefferson in ‘We Know’ because he confronted Hammy about the money and rumors and Ham was like ‘look at these letters from my side chick’ 

Also Maria was 24 and had a duaghter with James when this started but I’m too lazy to go back and insert a child into this fic

also also (these author’s notes just get longer and longer jesuis) sorry this is kinda short i wanted to make it longer but i’m writing this at 4 am and i have 5 other fics to write before I leave :O”

Words- 1,117

I felt the sting before his palm even collided with my face. I’m used to it, God am I used to it, but that doesn’t make it hurt less every time it happens. The pain bloomed across my face like a flower riddled with thorns. 

“Don’t fucking talk back to me you bitch.” James wrapped his fingers around my throat, but he didn’t constrict, yet. 

“I-I only asked where you were going.” I stuttered. I felt rage boiling inside me, aimed at the man I no longer knew, but I was all to aware that if I wasn’t careful, the aftermath would be bloody. 

He glared, and I coughed as his fingers clenched slightly. “You should know better than to ask that.” he growled before releasing me. I took a deep breath. I don’t remember the last time I was so grateful for air. Probably the last time James was upset. 

“I’m sorry.” I whispered. 

His lips snarled and he laughed a cold laugh that sent shivers through me. “Have a nice life, Maria.” he spat before turning and walking out the door. 

When I was sure he was gone, I sighed and sat down on the deep yellow parlor sofa, dirty and worn from the countless nights James hadn’t made it to our bed. I was grateful he was gone. For a few hours at least, I was free. He would come back, though. He always did. 

It had been six days since James left me. No letters, not even a small note. No idea where he was. No idea when he was coming back. No sign that he cared about me at all. 

Everyday bills and notices of unpaid debts poured in. I stared down at them helplessly. James had never been gone this long before. Usually it was just a night, maybe a full day. I looked from the many papers to the door. James wasn’t coming home. Something had to be done. 

The air was warm as I walked along the streets, but I felt cold. Despite everything, there was a small glimmer of golden hope. James may be gone, and I had nothing, but James was gone. The light inside of me dimmed when I saw several children out playing in front of one of the house. I was hit with the stark reminder of why this all started, and how it was my fault. 

I felt my insides churning as I knocked on what I hoped was the right door. A tired and sullen looking man appeared before me. He perked up at the sight of me. 

“Hello.” he said carefully. 

“H-hello sir.” I stuttered, feeling uncharacteristically embarrassed. “I really sorry to bother you; you’re obviously very busy.” I looked down. My coiled hair fell over my face. I felt his touch on my arm and flinched away instinctively. 

“Sorry,” he said quickly. “How did you get these?” His voice was quiet. I glanced and noticed he was staring at the purple and yellow flowers that riddled my arms and collarbone. I couldn’t think of anything to say. All I did was stare helplessly up at the older man. His eyes were dark and tired, but underneath all that there was genuine concern, something I hadn’t seen a very long time. “What’s your name?” he asked quietly.  

“Maria Reynolds.” I said meekly. 

A grin spread slowly across his face. “Maria.” he said like it was something spectacular. “Alexander Hamilton. Please, come in.”  He opened the door wider and stepped aside. 

“Thank you, sir.” I said as I walked past him. I looked around at the calm household. I had not been here before this, but I could still tell that the house was empty and unusually quiet. 

“Please sit.” Alexander said. I nodded and sat down on the couch he gestured to, still taking in my surroundings. Books and quills covered practically every surface. “Can I get you anything?” 

“No. I really shouldn’t stay long.” I said. Thoughts of what James might do if he knew I was here flashed through my mind. I almost made a run for it. Alexander sensed this. 

“It’s okay, Maria.” He sat down next to me. “No one will know you’re here.” I nodded and swallowed hard. I hated asking for help, but I had no other choice. 

“I came to ask you for favor…” I started. 

“Of course.” Alexander assured. I bit my lip and looked down at my hands. 

“My husband is…difficult.” I explained. Alexander nodded, signaling both sympathy and understanding. “He…well he left about a week ago, and now bills are piling up and-” 

Alexander held his hand up and stopped me from rambling any further. “Maria, I would be not only a fool, but also an ass if I didn’t help you.”  he smiled. Alexander stood up from the couch gracefully and walked through an open doorway. I leaned back and saw him bending over a very chaotic looking desk with a quill in his hand. He returned to me with a satisfied grin, and held out a large rectangle of paper. I took it from him slowly and glanced down. 

“Oh, Mr Hamilton, sir. This is too much. I couldn’t take this.” I uttered. 

He waved a hand in the air. “Please, I’m more than willing. If you need more, please come see me again,” He grabbed my hand and brushed his lips against it softly. “Miss Maria.” My heart fluttered at the gentle notion. I hadn’t experienced such kindness from a man in years. “I will walk you home.” he offered, holding his arm out. I took it gratefully. 

“You’re too kind, sir.” I commented with a small on my face. 

“Please, call me Alexander, or Alex even.” he said. I smiled and looked down as we walked out onto the street. I told Alexander all the right turns to take until we arrived in front of the house I once shared with James Reynolds. I sighed and turned to Alexander. 

“Thank you, Alexander, for everything.” I stressed. 

“Of course.” he smiled. His hand trailed down my forearm slowly. “If there’s anything else I can do for you, Maria, just let me know.” 

Realization hit. Of course. It was such a large sum of money of course he would want something more. And he looked so stressed too. It made sense.

I looked up at him through my eyelashes. “Would you like to come inside Alexander?” 

He looked out towards the street. Whether he was trying to decide if this was worth it or simply checking to see that no one was looking, you couldn’t tell, but after a moment he turned to you. 

“How could I say no, Maria.”