WOLFHEART MAKES ME RAGE OUT SO HARD LOL godddddd seriously just ffffhhhhhh Aaaaaaaaaa. God. Knaak is so vile. Fandom is so fucky. Maiev is still rightfully angry grieving Naisha who istg she was all but married to and Illidan is hatescared of Maiev rrggh god. WC3 was not perfect but it handled both characters so much better than WoW and the novels.

I had to skim read Wolfheart a second time to remember WTF was going on for my highborn murders rewrite and I have never read anything more painful, clumsy and inexplicably numbing in my entire god damn life.

IIRC Knaak is also the one who dropped the “lol Shandris is AKSHULLY Tyrande’s foster duaghter” bullshit which was.. so… so appreciated. So definitely, fully fucking appreciated. Fuck.

WHICH BRINGS ME to like, people who also insist or see Naisha as a daughter figure?????? They assume she’s younger than Maiev by a significant amount and then say that makes a relationship creepy when we have literally no evidence?

“She doesn’t recognise Suramar ruins!!!!” she recognises Azshara’s statue and MAYBE SHE DIDN’T LIVE IN SURAMAR. IT TOOK MAIEV A MOMENT TO REALISE WHERE THEY WERE AND SHE LIVED THERE.

*throttles fandom*


skam femslash moodboards

sana and eva are bi and together and aren’t afraid as long as they have each other // not my pictures


Have you never heard the story of the great She-Wolf? How her grey fur would move at the edge of sight like a billowing cloud of smoke? How she had teeth like shards of ice and eyes like fiery embers. She had claws that tore into the flesh of the dirt as she ran, as though the Earth itself were her prey. She had a tongue of fire. And her howl! How it would echo like thunder in a distant valley! Every bird and beast would take flight at its sounding and flee before this dark and old Queen of this dark and old wood. And have you never heard of her Hunt? How she would hunt the wicked men: the evil-doers, the oppressors, the rapists and abusers, and devour them all. She savored the Hunt and she savored her prey. She savored the smell of their fear almost as much as she savored the stain of their blood on her jowl. And did you not hear how she was brought low by the treachery of one such wicked man? How that coward, that worm, that lowest born son amongst the lowliest born sons, let loose a poisoned shaft from the safety of a treetop and struck the Queen at her left breast? How she fell to the forest floor with a resounding finality that shook the very roots of the mountains? But did you not know, as that feckless huntsman failed to realize, that the Mother had Daughters? Nine Princesses of the Old Wood who were to become it’s Queens. Nine pained, piercing howls that broke through the still night air in unison as the Old Mother’s final breath passed her ashen tongue. Nine pairs of ember eyes that suddenly burst into flame. Those Nine sisters bore down upon the huntsman before he could think to escape. They tore him from his perch and threw him to the ground in their midst. Every ember eye eyed him darkly and every flaming tongue licked their teeth hungrily. And those Nine Sisters, those Nine Queens, devoured that lowly son of man, flesh, blood, and bone. They were this forest’s Queens now. They were it’s Guardians. And they had their duaghters and those daughters had daughters in turn, until all the Earth was overun by the children of the children of the children of the great Old She-Wolf. You may still see them today, if you knew where to look. There’s one now, walking down the street, walking with an air of regality befitting only the daughter of a queen. See how her dark curls rest against her ebony brow like a crown? She is a She-Wolf. And there is another, running through the park, running as though she seeks to run down her prey. There is an ancient song in her heart and a sly smile about her lips. She is a She-Wolf as well. Look all about you now, closer and harder than you’ve ever thought to look before. You will find they are all around you. And I think, perhaps, were you to look in the mirror, you might also see a She-Wolf staring back at you.

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Ok but what if the new mom already has a duaghter but this time shes older than them, like 14 and whenever she goes shopping/takes them shopping she just spoils them (ruki and reiji will never run out of books!:3) and shes so loving?

Admin Mawile: (˘・ᴗ・˘)

Shuu: He takes the affection wonderfully, and looks up to her more and more with every bit of attention she gives him. 

Reiji: He’s horribly unsure of what he did to earn so much kindness, but he’s absolutely determined not to disappoint her. 

Ayato: He practically hangs on her every word, and constantly tries to show off and get more attention and praise. 

Kanato: He’s almost as clingy with her as he is with you, and attaches himself to her side from the first few times she’s nice to him. 

Laito: He’s a bit nervous, but gets along with older girls well, and enjoys every moment of spoiling and attention she’ll be willing to give. 

Subaru: He’s very afraid that she’ll realize he’s not worth so much affection, but can’t quite bring himself to stay away and prevent it. 

Ruki: He doesn’t like being treated like a child, but can’t manage to say no to the attention and love from her either. 

Kou: He’s a little bit afraid of her at first, but quickly warms up to the affection and all but glues himself to her side. 

Yuuma: He gets along with her wonderfully from the very start, and quickly takes to the spoiling and attention. 

Azusa: He’s a little shy around new people, but will do anything for attention like that. He adjusts to her presence very quickly. 

Carla: He has a hard time getting used to being spoiled, and tries to claim that he doesn’t need to be treated like a child. 

Shin: He’s determined to show off and impress her at every turn, and gets himself in trouble looking for more attention. 

Imagine being Barba’s daughter and Jamie asking you out on a date

(A/N: For @crazyreader1899 who requested something with Jamie as well as the reader being Barba’s duaghter. I hope you and everyone else enjoys this! Also I hope the Anon and everyone else who wanted more Jamie enjoys this) 

Imagine being Barba’s daughter and Jamie asking you out on a date

“NYPD freeze!” A harsh voice from behind you demanded.

You’d heard the door being broken in seconds before. It had shocked you so much that didn’t react. You froze before they even said it in fear. Once the orders were barked at you, you slowly turned around the refrigerator door still open as you turned, a carton of milk still in your hand and a cereal bowl in the other. It was pitch black except for the light from the refrigerator and the two flashlights staring at you, illuminating perfectly the barrels of two guns also aimed in your direction. You were so scared that your hands flew up immediately and in the process, you dropped both the milk and bowl on the floor.

Instantly shattering.

That noise was obviously enough to wake up your Dad, but obviously, the door flying off its hinges wasn’t.

“What the hell is going on?” You heard your Dad shout as he flipped the light switch and lit up the entire room.

You squinted in the bright lights and finally saw the faces behind the two guns faced at you. Two uniformed NYPD officers.

“Dad…” You finally spluttered out, not taking your eyes off.

“Y/N?” He asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Getting a surprise midnight snack. Next time I’ll call in advance.” You explained hastily, your hands still up.

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Okay but Rex and Ahsoka would have the most daring, bad ass and beautiful daughter in existence. Like she’d have personality traits from both of her parents, she’d be skilled, serious when it called for it but funny and laid back. Ooh she’d also be force sensitive but I think she’d prefer combat like her dad.

In the future she’d probably be like a general or admiral in the New Republic. And also she’d be close to Ezra, teaching him the things her mother taught her, making sure Ahsoka’s ways and teachings don’t fall. While she herself would always prefer Rex’s fighting style and teach it to her troops. She’d be her parents legacy and she’d never let them die.

Yess, I need this, I need to plan her out and draw her today.

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CONGRATULATIONS!! I love the name julia so much ive wanted to name my own duaghter that too, its such a beautiful name!

Her name is Julia Rose! I’m so excited to meet her oh my gosh!


《花间提壶方大厨》 Chef Fang   Ep. 3 - Father-in-Law in Awe

“Brat, to think that you would have this day… What a virtuous duaghter-in-law!”

Another thing I don’t understand about these big brand natural hair companies, like Carol’s Duaghter and Shae Moisture, is why their products are so expensive they are almost unaffordable? They are literally a luxury for certain people to get, especially black women who may not make enough money to afford $10 hair products. And you may think that ten dollars is not a  lot, but add that up and on top of that, add it up for people who don’t have a lot…that is ridiculous!

Going natural is supposed to be more efficient by both routine and cost. And I know natural hair companies and bloggers love to make natural hair look like this expensive, difficult process (and sometimes it can be tedious but this is said for all hair), but no…it shouldn’t be that way.

If you want so many people to go natural, then why not make natural hair affordable? Toward the beginning of a natural hair journey new naturals—especially 4c naturals—tend to waste their money on these big buck products that don’t even work like they’re supposed to in their hair and I just??

Natural hair should be efficient especially if you WANT people to go natural. So all these expensive brands baffle me.

And I understand there is marketing and what not, but I use cheap natural hair products and they work just fine.


A bolt of lightening danced across the sky followed by the clap of thunder mere seconds after, telling the green changeling that the storm was right on top of him, but that wasn’t what got his attention. The shrill ear piercing cry of his four month old daughter cut through the air far louder then any thunder clap ever could. He leapt from the couch not bothering to turn of the TV, and full on sprinted to the babies room, which of course was unnecessary since with his long legs it was only a few leaps away. Throwing open the door he could just make out the flailing limbs from the small bassinet, and checking the clock in his phone saw that it was feeding time. Normally he had a bottle with formula ready to go but the thunder and lightening probably woke her.

He lifted the child into his arms as gently as he could, hushing and rocking as her lifted her, but she continued to thrash and holler.

“Shh Marie it’s ok, shh.” But nothing he did soothed the child especially not with the thunder raging every few minutes. With each flash and each crack, she would thrash and flail, her screams getting louder by the second.

He gingerly made his way to the kitchen, the screaming of his daughter starting to make his sensitive ring. Jeez can this get any worse? Just as he entered the kitchen to fix her bottle there was s knock at his apartment door.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” he groaned as the thunder roared again, Marie thrashing in fear. “Just a second!” He ran into the kitchen grabbing a prepared bottle from the fridge, and I throwing it into the microwave, all the while Marie continued to cry, the knocking continuing at the door. “I said give me a second!” He roared but that only added to his frustration and Marie’s crying.

Thr microwave dinged, but in his haste and confusion with all the noise he set it to high, making the bottle way to hot for his daughter to eat or to even hold and he dropped it instantly, hot formula splashing everywhere.

“Son of a bi-”

Suddenly a pair of hands took the screaming child from his arms and left the kitchen. Immediately his mamma bear instincts took over, his eyes becoming savage slits, fangs ready to rip and tear, hands hinting at becoming razor claws, and a snarl leaving his curled lips. He stormed into the living room.

“Who the hell do you think-” his mouth stopped working, his heart skipping beats, his claws, fangs and rage forgotten. There, standing in his living room holding his little Marie, was someone he hadn’t seen in over three years. She looked almost the same. Her face wasn’t as round but was more womanly and the same could be said for her body which still held its fantastic hourglass shape, but nothing was more alluring then her incredible endless amethyst eyes, her pin straight shot violet hair, and pale, smooth alabaster skin.

“R-Raven?” His mouth finally said.

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Hazel and Kayla

This ship sounds so cute???

• they have a pastel wedding
• Hazel wear a 30s style pastel yellow dress and it has bows
• Kayla wears a pastel green suit with a pastel blue tie
• it’s outside during the spring
• Hazel’s wedding party: Frank, Leo, Reyna, Annabeth, and Percy. They wear pastel purple attire with yellow accents
• Kayla’s wedding party: Will, Austin, Apollo, Meg, and Georgie (a bit of a dark prophecy spoiler but that girl is sooo Apollo’s duaghter)
• Kayla walks down the aisle with her dad, Darren Knowles
• Nico walks Hazel down the aisle and is like the whatever you can the person who does the whole we gather here today and you may now kiss the bride
• they don’t write their own vows but Nico teases them a lot
• “Do you, Hazel, take Gingy- "Nico!” “Sorry, do you take carrot top- "Nico di Angelo!!” “Fine, take kAyLa…”
• Hazel switches into a pastel yellow suit and Kayla switches into a pastel green sundress for the reception
• New Orleans style buffet. Soul Food. Southern Food. So many fried foods. Like fried Oreos, fried chicken and donuts
• their first dance is to a jazz song
• their dads do speeches instead of their “best man/maid of honor”
• Hades/Pluto’s highlights: “Ah, a lovely wedding. Better than Zues and Hera’s. Less hate in the room. And that’s it.”
• Darren’s highlights: “Kayla, I remember when you had your first crush, she was a little girl who dressed like a princess every day and you wanted to be her prince. And now you’ve found yourself a princess. I’m so proud of you.”
• Apollo’s highlights: “Congrats on banging a child of the Underworld.” Also many bad puns and jokes
• their cake is white with splashes of pastel colors
• their cake topper is a ruby skull and a gold arrow

Baby’s First Steps

Yugyeom: Holds his baby’s hand and gently walks around with him. Is the proudest Appa the world has ever seen. Brags for days after this.

Kunpimook: Looks on happily and encourages his duaghter to do one more step, but laughs his ass of when she falls on her butt, causing her to giggle back at him loudly.

Youngjae: Tries to contain himself, lest he startles his babygirl and makes her fall over, but he actually wants to cheer out loud.

Jinyoung: Waaaaaay proud Appa. Films every moment. Tries to cheer and quietly as he can and end up looking like a spastic loon.

Jackson: Literally sticks his foot up his mouth to muffle his outcries of pride, so that he doesn’t startle the poor girl. Runs off to tell everyone how fucking proud he is of her and calls his mother, in fucking tears.

Jaebum: Sits by and smiles happily at his baby boy. He is very quiet and just relishes the wonderful milestone, taking one picture to show to you later if you aren’t enjoying the moment with him.

Mark: Sits down and calls his son over, hoping he will waddle over to his appa, cheers softly when the little boy succeeds and gently cuddles him.