Title: Duael
FF-style RPG with a huge emphasis on narration
Free - OELV - Windows - Linux - Mac
Rating: 18+

Walter is a teenage boy who enjoys a popular fighting game. There is one particular character, a swordsman named Cadfael, who he is most skilled with. He even notes he feels a certain connection to the character, as controlling him has become so natural. 

However, he does not know that Cadfael, and many others, actually exist in their own reality, which is quickly descending into chaos. Several have somehow managed to forge a connection with “our” world, being controlled by a “partner” who has a knowledge and perspective they don’t, in order to get the advantage they need to survive. 

But Cadfael is becoming weary and desperate to overthrow the evil instead of simply fighting for his life, and tries to contact Walter. He succeeds, and forms a much more literal connection between them.

Now with Walter able to control Cadfael in battle, their lives have become deeply entangled, and Walter finds himself involved in a fight to save this secret world.

This is where their adventure begins.

[source: http://moleworks.us/duael/]

Note: The game maker also did an eroge spin-off and a funny ask blog.

Thanks to tumblr user Knickers Pysiamo for telling us about this game!

Oh, did I say I was done? I lied.

Can’t stop won’t stop apparently.

I actually completely redesigned the Magic Instructor this time. Or..sort of redesigned.

The more I think about it, the more making her an elegant, dignified old lady makes sense. She’s old, but very powerful, even if she didn’t choose a position that lets her express that power. So she definitely would have this almost ethereal look to her. Even her frame is very slight and whispy.

So yeah there’s that.

So what I thought would be a dumb downloadable flash game

just made me bawl in the end. It was a game you can play entirely in a few hours (with replay value based on game goodies) but it just had such a beautiful storyline based off the legend of the red string. The legend is loosely translated in the game as you’re playing a boy who’s controller is the connection to “another realm” (the game itself) and another boy (the game character) inside the game. It’s one of those sappy romantic stories and it’s in the playing style of rpg/romantic text Japanese games. So if you’re into that, you should tell me and I’ll pass you the link. Anyway I’m just sat here like:

The ending was so perfect but I’m sad :c


It’s done! finally.

Opening video for the remake of DUÆL.



DAZ Studio

Sony Vegas







Please enjoy!


on thursday night we opened our exhibition called DUÆL. the exhibition is part of PortfolioPoints and can be visited until 8th dec. DUÆL is made of DUAL and DUEL, dual because there are the two of us; Lilla and me, and duel because most of the works are schoolworks and we attend the same class so you can see several variations to the same projects. hence the name. we are really glad that so many people had been there on the opening, thanks guys again:) and thanks for our friend and teacher, Noemi who’d opened the exhibition. here you can see the werk photos:)

UGH THAT WAS GREAT (even though I hella overleveled the team and the final boss hit a 9 against his like 550 HP oops where did challenge go)


Not long now until we get to thrash around Jubberland. Yeeha! Make sure you follow @the_duael
The Duael couch photo competition.
Take a picture of yourself on you favourite couch, mix it up! Upload to Instagram with the hashtag #duaelcouch We’ll check them out and pick the winner on Raceday at the Duael. First prize wins two days accommodation at Brucies Sandy Point beach house for Four people.
Bruce has offered a map of his Strezlecki loop as a bonus too. Winner has to at The Duael on Raceday to collect their prize. good luck #duaelcouch #theduael

Flats for the inkeeper! /v\ 

I had a lot of trouble with her initial sketch, but everything turned out great! 

Fun fact: She’s always kind of been my favorite NPC besides Cai. /A\ so I’m glad her new art came out so cute.

Flats for the magic instructor.

I got started inking this before Ackley arrived. And, understandably, got a bit distracted.

I finally finished the flats up now. /v\

Her skirt extends a bit longer than it will in game, so the edges don’t show during animations.

So ah..yep.