“For fuck’s sake! What’s taking you so long? Did you decided to take a shit there or what? I can’t get that moron out of the car by myself!”
“Nico? Hey, girl, that’s not fucking funny! Get up! I’m not buying this crap! C'mon, we’ve got shit to do!”
“I swear, if you won’t get up right now, you’re traveling the rest of the way in the damn trunk!”
“Hey, girl… Are you for real? Damn you to hell! Hey, can you hear me, boo?”
“The fuck?”
“The fuck? You tell me what the fuck just happened here! Did you pass out?”
“I… guess so.”
“You’re so much trouble! I told you, you’re not fucking fine! Do you think you can get up?”
“C'mon, I’ll help ya’. Fuck, you scared me! Don’t you dare to do that again!”
“I… I don’t even remember how it happened…I was digging and then you were here, freaking out and shit.”
“It’s called blackout, boo. C'mon, let’s get that moron out of the car and get the hell out of here.”
“What about the deal?”
“Screw the deal. Gerald can wait, it’s not like he really need these guns for anything, but his personal entertainment. I’ll drive you home, then go talk to the boys at the office.”
“Ok… fine…”