Every time I do a 40k commission, I realize I may or may not be in the wrong scene, because Jesus H, designing anything that’s not a Space Marine can get overwhelming. Like, with how many different goddamn Inquisitor designs there are, I get caught between “Shit, I can pretty much do anything” and “wait, fuck, if I go with this, are they going to look less like an Ordo Xenos and more like an Ordo Malleus?” Like, with something like Imperial Guard, it’s pretty easy. Based on Cadian? Bog standard fatigues. Vostroyan? Russian inspiration. Catachan? They look like Rambo. Custom faction? Whatever military aesthetic the requester is feeling, and so on. But with Inquisitors, it’s like, “If it’s Hereticus, it looks like a witch hunter. Otherwise? GO FOR BROKE!” And then there’s ALL THE LITTLE DETAILS FUCK even the simplest-looking design has fifty belts, rosaries, layers, and writing on every damn surface.

You’d think after five years, I’d have my shit together but lolno.

Long time no write. How have you been? I’ve been in Portugal and France to get delicious food and great experience. It was too warm in Portugal. The rain coat which I bought for the rainy season was unnecessary, instead just an obstacle. Then I moved to Paris 19th November just after the police raid in Saint Denis. I was really afraid that people in Paris should get depressed, but they behaved amiably and confidently. I was deeply impressed by their toughness and courage. I came to love France more and more. Well, let me go back to the subject. Today’s bento is consisting of grilled chicken marinated Miso, Kinpira Gobou, Japanese thick omelette, and curry cream shrimps with apples. This shrimp dish was inspired by a dish I experienced at A NOSTO, very popular tapas in Paris. I was very suprised that curry flavoured shrimps did accord with apples. Awesome discovery!


Have a blast from the past in honor of something I’m working on.


Ok, so, confession time: I never played Banjo-Kazooie as a kid. I had an N64, but I just never had the money to buy it. Now, as an adult, I’m playing through it for the first time and I am so sad I missed out on it.

Anyway, these two. I was excited for Yooka-Laylee when it was announced, but now that I’m actually playing the game that inspired it, I’m super pumped. If YK is even half as good as BK, I’ll be happy.