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Have you seen Castlevania on netflix? If not, 10/10 would recommend ♡♡♡

I have not, but some of the fanart (here’s one) looks very VC to me! It’s on netflix?? High rating, I’ll give it a try! I like this style alot.

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I still want a VC videogame and/or animated series/feature film… btw…fyi…

[^X by on Gachiko @gatch_new on twitter, I think] 

^The pixellation here makes this look like a video game. Could u imagine a VC videogame??! I’m visualizing a scenario like Super Smash Bros. w/ Lestat vs. Armand… or Louis & Claudia playing on a team vs.Vagabond European Vampire No. 73….

Also, lots of creative murders like the Fire Gift and the Explodey-Heart-Gift on mortals. 

Louis: Mon Dieu, quit being so dramatic!

Lestat: *Artfully draped over a velveteen chaise lounge wearing nothing but a deep blue silk robe, he holds a Swarovski crystal glass full of blood in one hand and throws the other over his eyes* I’m not being dramatic.


@fierysuggestion: set your past on fire and leave