du pasquier

‘Objects For An Electronic Age’, designs by Nathalie de Pasquier and George J. Sowden. The two designers were core members of the radical design group Memphis. They first met at the inception of the group and subsequently married.
The series was their own project and not directly related to Memphis. However, it employs many features pioneered by the design group: the use of plastic laminates to create a colourful, patterned surface, the use of ornament and the departure from functionality in favour of a vivid sculptural form. With the series the designers intended to mark the transition between mechanically based and electronically based designs. As Sowden recalls in an interview (by Glenn Adamson, 22 February 2010): ‘If mechanical design is about function, then electronic design will be about decoration – ‘Electronic Age objects will be anything.’
Du Pasquier was primarily active as pattern designer at this period and was very involved in producing patterns for laminates. Her skill with pattern and colour is evident in this box, which alludes to Art Deco style but may also bear the influence of her travels through Africa in 1980 in its black-and-white serrated ornament. Du Pasquier sometimes produced very limited runs of particular pattern for use on a few or only one object. As Sowden noted, this was a way to ‘create one-off pieces with an industrial process’.