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Things I’m currently in love with

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One song: that beautiful rendition of Blue Water, one of my favorite openings of all the time.

Two movies: Lou! journal infime, absolute fave of 2014. And… Big Hero 6 probably.

Three TV shows: The Flash, Star Wars Rebels and Gravity Falls. Babies, babies everywhere.

Four people: uugh… Except for my family, I have so little interactions with people… Don’t even have 4 to pick. And I’m really bad at displaying affection.  If we’re in mutuals, or if I ever talked to you, you can consider that I like you.

Five foods: Any kind of curry. Chile con carne. Candied ginger. My mom’s potatoes salad. Scones and cream. My lemon meringue pie. (fun fact: for twenty years, i’ve been persuaded i hated lemon pie. I tried it several times though, ‘cause it’s so pretty, and every time it was the same disillusion, too sweet and sickening. Until I discover my right kind of pie: acid enough to make you grind your teeth.)

Six people to tag: let’s see… yumemangie (longtemps que je t’ai pas enquiquiné), velestenestofstraightlines, samuelvimes, katistrophe, taffers , if you want to…