du gevaudan

605: La Bete Du Gevaudan


Requested by: @cryptid-wendigo

Is It Any Wonder We Hate To See The Sun Go Down?

This statue was created by French sculptor Philippe Kaeppelin (1918 - 2011) and stands in Auvers, Haute-Loire, in France. The statue is made of bronze and was erected in 1995. It depicts the famous battle between La Bête du Gevaudan and Marie-Jeanne Valet that took place on August 11th 1765. During the fight, Valet defended herself and her sister by stabbing the fearsome beast in the chest with a spear. While the strike did not kill the creature, it was an incredible act of bravery and Valet was able to save herself and her sister. The two girls escaped alive. Legend has it that  La Bête stood on her hind legs, placing a paw over the wound and rolled into the river nearby - vanishing until her next kill.

Deucalion being on Scott’s side is everything I wanted since his return. We get two Alphas working together, it makes sense with Deucalion’s character, he plays Theo like a fucking idiot and fucking snaps Theo’s neck. Best of all, he’s a good guy. Tries to get to Lydia, tells Liam that Mason can still be saved, even though it would be reasonable to kill Sebastian.