du couteau family

noxianmercy  asked:

Did Darius have any relationship with Marcus Du Couteau before he disappeared?

In the context of my Darius, I’ll say no. Darius and Marcus Du Couteau are both Noxian, yes. But they were raised in vastly different worlds. Darius and Draven were from the slums of Noxus, while the Du Couteau family has always been from a lineage of prestige. 

Even if the timelines added up, Darius started off as a simple foot soldier and climbed his way up. He would be nowhere near Marcus for half of his life, and when Darius rose to be Hand, Marcus had already disappeared. He has heard of Marcus, of course, but never really got to meet him.

Which is a shame, he would have liked to meet him.

bloodiedlotus  asked:

‘ you should see me as a threat. i will tear down everything you know until there is nothing left of you. i am a walking threat. ’

Such were the words of the Du Couteau family. Their blades were sharp, and their tongues sharper still– such threats would certainly come easily to the heir of their legacy. Katarina. Although truthfully, as time progressed, their threats began to meld with one another. Why, he could hardly pinpoint their voices anymore.

   The grand general did not spare her a glance, his cloudy gaze remained fixated upon nothingness. But the crows– the crows watched her closely. Especially the raven whom remained perched upon his shoulder. Her crimson eyes glimmered like small flames, lit in fury.  

The bird’s master ran a hand over her head, smoothing over the black feathers– and slowly, her wrath subdued as she leaned into the touch.  

   “Small, idle words. for a small, idle girl whom knows nothing of her position– nor the repercussions of idle threats.” 


Noxian people knew little about what was beyond the Mogron Pass. Deserts, jungles… temples and sacred ruins, as many relics Noxus could conqueer if they were not wary of the powers protecting those. Katarina travelled by carriage and crossed the pass without trouble; the noxians had a total control over this zone, managing the traffic in between two worlds, a strategical spot Demacia never contested as long as they could pass as well. Tensions and fights sometimes happened but, overall, in order to keep this advantage, guards were making sure everybody followed the rules. For a noblewoman like Katarina, this was not even needed for her to give her reasons to travel so far. Assassins could go anywhere, killing whoever, as long as they served the glorious city-state.

But this was not what Katarina was here for. She needed answers about Shurima, about what turned her sister into a fierce naga, a disgrace to the Du Couteaus family and a despicable creature terrifying the inhabitants of Shurima. Katarina questionned the villagers of possible rumors. She knew an ancient power had been released over there in the sands, but nobody in Noxus really knew what it was about and, probably people were not giving importance to what could happen so far away from their hometown, across the Great Barrier protecting Valoran from the shakening ruins of ancient civilisations.

Katarina heard a story about a temple shining in the horizon, a new born place travellers had seen in the distance, too afraid to approach it. Walking astray in the desert was no wise choice for a merchant simply dispatching his goods in the towns around. A lot of creatures were howling in the sands, waiting for fresh blood from a lonely wanderer or, if possible, a whole caravan. Not afraid of being eating by some void worm, Katarina challenged the tempest, the fold of her cloak protecting her face from the flying sands. She was looking for this shrine. She needed to see with her own eyes what kind of powers led her sister to leave Noxus and corrupt her body. If these powers were this phenomenal, Noxus would have to keep an eye on them, willingly or not.

As the winds ill-treated her short frame-body, it was more and more difficult for her to keep her stand. She foudn shelter in old crumbling ruins, hiding beneath a large stone plaque so the wind would crush against it not reaching her. She sat there for several hours until the storm would finally decide to calm down.