Harry Styles - “Living the Dream” - Part One

[I wasn’t sure if you meant part of the guys band or their live band, so I made her part of the guys band. I made her the fifth member, instead of Zayn. If that’s cool. I quite like this, I hope that you do too. Enjoy!

Part Two]

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Here’s your pokemon team! And you included!
I spent about 4 hours, and used 120 layers all-together (counting the shading layers) my art dtyle changed quite a bit from wishcash to roserade, and I find it quite funny about how wishcash looks.
Overall, my favorite part was drawing you!
Hope you like it!

WalkingMelonsAAA: OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT TO DEATH WOW!!!! when you asked me I never would have suspected this!!!! :D  HOLY COW!!!! 120 layers?! That’s crazy!!! :D  man that’s detication!!! I love it to death thank you so much! :D