Walking through the doors, you sighed. All was silent. You walked down the busy hall, saw people chatting and rushing about, but you didn’t hear a thing. You walked to your locker and grabbed a book and headed to your first classroom.
Your teacher, Ms. Stein, greeted you with a motion once you walked in. You just smiled in return and sat down waiting for class to commence. It usually was just you. Some might find it awkward, but you adjusted fast. This was your new life.
You moved here, Beacon Hills that is, quite recently. It was all because of the accident.
You never really talked about it much to people, and you didn’t want to.
A few months ago, your family and you were traveling in your car. It was a normal road trip (your dad was a fanatic over them and always dragged you guys into one, but it was fun, it’s how you stayed together), you were traveling from your home in Minnesota to sunny Cali. You were on the road in Utah and everything was going fine. But all of a sudden a semi came flying onto the highway and cut you off, the end ramming into your car and sending you flying into the concrete wall. Fluid washed out of your car and ignited. All you remember is hearing the screams from your mother and little sister and being dragged out by firefighters before you blacked out. You were in a coma for a while, and suddenly woke up in a strange place. You remember screaming, but not hearing anything. Nurses rushed in and tried to explain through writing that you lost your hearing from the accident, and they didn’t know if you’d ever get it back again. You also found out after a week or so of being alone in your room, that it was just now you and your dad, and that an investigation was underway.
A few months later after you were recovered for the most part, your dad decided to move you guys to Cali, your original destination.
You had to take classes on how to learn sign language now, and you weren’t with all the other kids for now, as you had to be taught specially using weird hand motions that you were finally beginning to get a hold of.
Like said, it was really only you in the class. But today this boy walked in and sat down.
You’d seen him around before, always goofing around with his friends, he never seemed serious, but you liked that about him. He had sweet, chocolate, shining brown eyes and a cute button nose. His hair was quiffed out and he always accessorized with a bright smile. You had your eye on him, but you never even thought about making a move. All that you knew about him is from observation
“Hi, my name is Stiles,” he signed once he caught your eye. You felt your eyes widen, you were bewildered. You were sure no one around here in this school knew sign language.
“Hi I am y/n,” you signed back and he smiled.
“How are you?” He motioned.
“Good and you?”
“Good.” He opened his book and began to give it a look.
“You are,” he looked back at the book and studied it hard for a second, “very pretty.”
You blushed, “do you really know sign language?”
He flipped through the book again, “what?” You could see him nervously giggling, dimples showing.
Ms. Stein walked over and smiled and talked to Stiles for a bit. She lead him out of the room and into the office across the hall. You could see them talking to the receptionist and she had them sit down while she printed a piece of paper out and handed it to them. They came back and Stiles sat down again, stuffing the paper in his bag. You caught what it said, he had his scheduled changed so he could take sign language. You felt touched that he would go through such lengths to learn this along with you.
The first period was fun as you watched Stiles fail to sign off things and end up saying crude words in this new form of language. It ended too soon and Stiles had to go off to his next class. He signed off bye nervously and rushed out to make it before the dreaded second bell.
“You know he is doing this for you?” Your teacher asked.
“He really likes you?”
Ms. Stein made a face, she was pretty young and you two started to bond a lot lately, “why wouldn’t he? You’re beautiful, talented, smart….”
You didn’t pay attention though, you couldn’t believe the great lengths he was going through all for you.


It was a fun year with Stiles alongside you, you didn’t feel as lonely and you made your first real friend here. You finally opened up about your accident, he was the first you told. He was extremely protective of you and always made sure how you were doing, he took great care of you, stiles was really starting to get the hang of it, and you could hold actual conversations together. You were finally able to break out of your shell to, and you even joined the swim team.
One day, after a long period of studying together, the bell finally rang for lunch. Stiles told you to hold a seat for him, as he stayed behind to ask Ms. stein a question. You sat by yourself and constantly looked at your watch. Stiles was taking forever. You ate anyways and before you knew it the bell rang. You had been stood up.
As you continued through your classes you couldn’t help but feel hurt and didn’t really pay much attention. School ended soon enough and you walked out to catch the bus.
Stiles ran up in front of you, causing you to jump back.
“What is it Stiles?”
“Come with me.”
He put a blind fold on you, even though you tried to refuse. You put your trust in him as he led you around for what seemed like hours.
He finally took off your blindfold and you were at the school pool. You stepped back a little, almost falling in but Stiles caught you and turned you around.
Before you was your whole team holding up noddles cut in the shape of letters reading: “y/n, will you go to prom with me?”
You turned around trying to hold back tears, Stiles smirked and signed it out, “y/n, will you please do me the honor in being my date to prom?” He looked at you hopefully.
“Of course!” You jumped in his arms, causing him to stagger back, both of you falling in the pool. You quickly surfaced, and splashed him. “Is that what you were doing during lunch?” He nodded, smiling mischievously and you splashed him again.
He slowly swam up to you and pushed your tangled hair out of your face placing a soft kiss on your lips.
“I really am glad I got to know you this year, and I’m so glad you said yes. I was pretty nervous. Y/N, I love you.” He signed expertly.
“I love you too, Stiles,” you gave him a quick kiss only to soon realize your whole swim team was still watching you.