Tanaka-kun wa Toyosu demo kedaruge short report

So I went to the event 10/23. It was short but fun! They did a bunch of talks, chose their favorite scenes, did script reading, and shiritori games, and sung with everyone the opening song. The entire event was kedaruge and done in a yurui manner. Almost like over tea. XD

Ono Kenshou’s fav scene was when Shiraishi was asking Oota if Tanaka-kun likes someone or depends on someone a lot. Oota 「俺か?!」he tsukkomis and also Shiraishi’s 「確かに!」was funny. Aoi-chan’s scene was the change of background where both sisters were wearing cat and dog outfit. Super cute ><

I liked a lot of things, but what was really funny was how everyone teased Iguchi-san by saying “So Iguchi-san, what is OO to you?” like 5x with stuff like “summer”, “listness”, “matcha” and random stuff and put him on the spot a lot. But it was really cute, and he also became the shiritori annyui (listless) master. I hope he gets more relaxed eventually (^ ^)

Okitsu-san did a lot of tsukkomis.

Also I sent Okitsu-san, Iguchi-san, and Aoi-chan letters. :D

Twas a fun short event. Even now, the OP is stuck in my head because the whole audience went “Lalalala lalala lalala” like 20x.