So here is my watercolor painting of Turn ∀ Gundam .I was going to paint it the “normal” but I felt that would have been a little boring for me so I kind of ripped off the color scheme from another mech design that was in the series. Maybe this is it’s testing stage colors scheme before it gets the classic Gundam colors…

I love this design, and it geeks me out to know it was done by Syd Mead! 

Watercolor 11"X 17" Arches 140lbs coldpress

Inktober Day 27


Really tired from last night and getting over this hangover but I got a inktober entry done. Plus it was my gorgeous niece’s birthday so that was fun! Only 4 more days to go! I think I’m going to make it xD

11" x 8 ¼" Ball-point and HB pencil on bristol plate I really did’t get to work or draw any last week so I wanted to do a little sketching to knock the dust off. I am selling these random sketches if anyone is interested in buying them. This one is $30 so if you want it send me an email dtronaustin@gmail 

Just did a quick ball-point pen with some HB pencil shading sketch today. Having some fun. I guess I really like to add arms to ladies. 

Inktober Day 18


I’ve been wanting to do a Metal Gear Rex for a while so I figured Inktober is as good a time as any. That S.O.B. is a pain to draw, so that’s probably why I put it off for so long. I like how it came out so putting some tones on it later will fun. Maybe I’ll throw some digi color on it……

Getting back to some ball-point sketching again. I’ve been playing the hell out of Final Fantasy XIII-2 so I drew my friend Jess up as a sort of bootleg Lighting. lol