B R I A R E O S by Dtronaustin

Finally getting back into the swing of things for 2014. Kind of kicking it off weird with this first sketch of my all time favorite cyborg character, Masamune Shirow’s Briareos from the Appleseed Manga/movies. I feel like the only person who can draw this character properly is Masamune himself but for whatever reason I really wanted to do a tribute sketch of him. Anyhow like I said my all time favorite cyborg character, only slightly edging out Darth Vader. I guess for 3rd place it’s a 3 way tie between Motoko Kusanagi, Batou, or Robocop….maybe a 4 way tie with the Terminator…..either way I guess I got a thing for borgs. xD


So here is my watercolor painting of Turn ∀ Gundam .I was going to paint it the “normal” but I felt that would have been a little boring for me so I kind of ripped off the color scheme from another mech design that was in the series. Maybe this is it’s testing stage colors scheme before it gets the classic Gundam colors…

I love this design, and it geeks me out to know it was done by Syd Mead! 

Watercolor 11"X 17" Arches 140lbs coldpress

Inktober Day 27


Really tired from last night and getting over this hangover but I got a inktober entry done. Plus it was my gorgeous niece’s birthday so that was fun! Only 4 more days to go! I think I’m going to make it xD

B O T b u d d y by Dtronaustin

Working on some stuff but still getting a little sketching done.

I’m still taking limited ball-point sketch commissions like this one, so if you’re interested contact me through email.