Why do they mark ‘share size’ really big on candy? We all know the only person anyone’s sharing with is themselves. They need to stop making us feel bad for hounding a whole bag of Skittles without a second thought.

I joined this website 2 hours ago but i’ve been too busy looking at ‘Girl Meets World + text posts’ posts to remember to socialise which is like, the point, right? Aaaaanyway, i’m Mason McCarthy; music major, male cheerleader, master juggler and handstand extraordinaire.

I was at the supermarket today to buy more apple juice because we are all out of apple juice and there was this one woman who was buying grape juice and I asked her why she was buying grape juice when grape juice tastes horrible. It even tastes like cough medicine sometimes! Then she looked at me funny and told me to ‘mind my own business’ then I told her to buy apple juice instead because apple juice is the Best Kind of Juice and then I put some Mott’s in her basket and then she started pushing me away and yelled for help which was crazy because I do not know what she needed help for. Then this one man in the apron who told me to leave but I was not done getting my apple juice yet but then he started pulling at my arm and I do not like to be touched that way so I pushed him away and told him to leave me alone but then this one man came and another and another and they all grabbed me and made me leave.

I did not get my apple juice and now I am really angry.

The building management wants me to invest in reinforced sound proof walls. Apparently their “sound proof” isn’t sound proof enough, and my neighbors are starting to get annoyed. I’ve been chuckling all morning because of it.

Wow, you’d think introducing yourself would be a lot easier over the internet since you don’t really have to have the awkward face to face conversation with someone and worry about saying the wrong thing but… I’m finding its generally just as hard so I’ll just say…. Hi?.

Glitter is shit. I knew there was a reason as to why I couldn’t stand any of it. Four showers taken since last night, yet I’m still able to find some here and there. Let’s not even talk about my bed. The next little shit (Amelia Fabray) who throws some on me is going to end up dead. Doesn’t matter if it’s a kid’s birthday party or not. I’ll make it more entertaining. 

The only thing I want to do this week is just sit back, and relax. Put grades in. Probably get drunk afterwards, and basically wait until Sunday rolls around, so I can watch some beautiful football. My Seahawks better win, or else I’ll be pissed– Until then, getting drunk is my goal.

Here’s a fun game, or so I hope considering how it does require some brain cells to come up with a good line; but how about this: break my heart with just one sentence. Bonus if it can make me cry.

You know, there’s really no feeling quite like when the death threats and hate letters start coming in the mail. Makes me feel like I’ve hit it big. I should start gathering these up and make a scrapbook out of them. Could be a nice conversation starter during meetings.