Deceiving the Innocent by paulweslea


The death of one. That’s all it would take for Klaus to finish the job. His victim still lives and is a liability to his entire family. If Caroline ever remembers, everything could come crashing down so he sets out to kill her again but since he failed the first time, what’s to say he won’t the second time around?


Stefan sat next to a sleeping Caroline and he had his eyes closed.

The girls went home because they needed their rest.

Stefan needed his rest as well but he wasn’t going to leave Caroline alone. Especially when she was in such a condition.

As Stefan drifted off to sleep, Elijah entered the room.

“Mr. Salvatore?” Elijah questioned as he looked over at his patient’s friend.

Stefan’s eyes shot open and he quickly looked around the room confused.

When Stefan’s forest green eyes landed on the doctor he relaxed.

“Everything okay, doc?” Stefan asked, his voice hoarse.

“Yes… Has Caroline moved at all since you’ve been here?” Elijah questioned.

“No, she’s been still.” Stefan said sadly.

Elijah nodded and walked towards the door but stopped.

“Mr. Salvatore?” Elijah asked.


“You should go home and get some rest. Caroline is safe here.” Elijah reassured him.

He would make sure of that.

“Nah… I think I’ll just stay here. I promised the girls that I would stay for the night.”

“If you’re sure.” Elijah said.

Stefan nodded and looked over at his best friend that was like his sister.

Before Elijah could leave, a small whimper escaped Caroline’s lips.

Both Stefan and Elijah stopped and turned to the whimpering blonde.

Stefan looked over at Elijah with alarm in his forest green eyes and Elijah made his way towards Caroline.

“Miss. Forbes?” He questioned carefully.

Caroline cried out and the tears began to fall down her cheeks.

“Miss. Forbes!?” Elijah shouted.

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Thank you Lauren for such a lovely cover :)


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