But You’re The Bad Guy (part 4) - Theo Raeken

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A/N: This is the final part to this mini series thanks for the love enjoy x

Today was the day! The day Theo and I decided to come clean to the rest of the pack we arrived at school holding hands, Theo proudly buffed his chest out as he always did. I stopped to send out a group text for everyone to meet in the library

- PACK -
Me: hey guys could you please meet me in the library i have something really important to tell you.

Scotty: sure thing is everything okay?

Me: yea dw

Malia: I’ll be there

Lydia: me too

Stiles: I think I know what it is

Liam: aw I wanna know

Me: =D

Theo and I walked to the library holding hands “I think we should let them know slowly so act cool” I whispered then dropped his hand Theo gave me puppy dog eyes so I gave him a quick peck so he’d smile which he did.
The whole pack stopped muttering and whispering as soon as they saw me with Theo, Stiles just gave me a small smile of encouragement. Scott got up along with Liam and Malia “what’s he doing here?” Liam spat “guys calm down take a seat” I tried to reason Malia growled but sat down with Scott and Liam “um..well..” I started then looked to Theo he was just patiently waiting for me to continue “Theo and I are together” I informed them everyone but Stiles’ mouths dropped “together? as in dating?” Lydia was the first to speak after the awkward moments of silence “yeah pretty much” I beamed looking at Theo again he just held me close “aww y/n I’m so happy for you” Lydia got up and hugged us in excitement “I already knew” Stiles got up and headed to us to “but I never gave Theo the talk. Now Theodore you better treat y/n right or so help me i’ll kill you” Stiles tried to be menacing but he was too funny so I let out a small laugh.

Malia and Liam looked between each other shrugged then walked over “as long as he knows his place its cool with me” Malia smiled “yeah me too” Liam agreed. Scott was the last to get up and walked over “y/n are you sure about this?” he asked “yeah I really am” I looked to Theo then back at Scott “okay then,welcome Theo” Scott smiled giving him a hand to shake “truss?” Scott questioned “truss” Theo smiled back shaking his hand.
That night Theo and I ended up staying out late stargazing we talked about how the pack accepted him and our relationship,we talked about the stars and how beautiful they looked and just held each other. “I love you” Theo kissed me I smiled into the kiss pulling away for a moment “and I love you” making Theo give me his award winning grin.

A girl could get use to this but I know I never will.