Heads up before Jessica Jones is released and ruins us all

The big day is coming! Because I have a very busy life running a lot of blogs, I’m not quite sure if I’ll have the time to binge watch all the episodes. When I do, I will be tracking:

  • #jjedit
  • #jessicajonesedit

and the usual

  • #dtedit

If you want to tag me to make sure I see something (even if it’s not JJ related) please use #dtgifs. Don’t use my url, I can’t track it!

Also I’ll be tagging everything with #jj spoilers and #jessica jones spoilers and #jessica jones. These are the tags I will block until I finish watching the show. Please be kind and use one of these tags when posting/reblogging new material. Obviously a lot of people won’t have the means or time to watch the 13 episodes in the first weeks so please be understanding.

I will try to make my own gifsets if I have the chance.

Have fun guys! Don’t go too crazy!