“Does it scare you?”


“Oh,” Jiyong said as his heart sunk like the rock he had been fiddling with in the water.

“But not in a bad way. It’s just new and different. Almost like riding a roller coaster for the first time. You’re scared to go up the steep climb but once you fall, this rush comes over you… and it’s… kind of… addicting.”

Jiyong wanted to melt into the water at that confession. No one had ever said that he was addicting before and it made him tingle from head to toe. Taking a chance he reached over and grabbed one of Seunghyun hands, peeling it away from the boy’s face, and lacing their fingers together.

“So, you’d be up for doing it more?”

Seunghyun chuckled at the boldness of the question. “Well yeah. You make me feel good, why would I want to stop that?”