What To Wear To The Farmer's Market

Week Two - #dtfm @DowntownDesMoinesFarmersMarket

This Saturday it was cold out there! Lots of folks looked uncomfortable and underdressed - myself included. I do not like for the hallows of my ears to be cold, and being without a toboggan makes me plug my ears and this is a pretty antisocial gesture!

So, I unofficially award this gal below “Best Dressed for the Day!” She was totally appropriately dressed, confident and you could see her smile all down fourth street!   

This beautiful family has just weathered their first winter in Iowa after moving from the just-south-of-San Francisco-area… They love it here, but are really stoked for some warmer weather! …

I love this classy combo below. They look great together. Patrick and I have seen this man a few times before and every-single-time I love his outfits! The turtleneck/blazer/belt/jeans are awesome and we have mentioned to Joe Terry in the past that he would look great in something like this… 


This family was so great as they were just hanging out enjoying time together, and they probably stayed warm enough as three were exercising the energy of 6 to keep up with the littlest two!

See you next week!

-Love Ash