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Are you so scared of me?

(This takes place towards the end of season 1)

Hei had known that this would happen one day, that section 4 would find a way, just not so soon. And to be honest he had been waiting for it, being weary of it all.

It was just too soon. There was still unfinished business, what with Amber and the recent developments at the gate. Not that he cared about any of that, but Amber had posed a chance to find out about Bai. About what had really happened in South America.

Now he would probably never know.


Misaki Kirihara was fuming. The plan had been destined to fail, of course, but nobody had listened to her.

“Are you so scared of me, officer?”

She could still hear his voice, coldly mocking their efforts, his speech slurred from the heavy sedatives.

Slamming the gears of her car harder than necessary she sped away from her boss’s office and towards home. She felt her anger rise anew, as she drove down the same route the transport would have taken.

Not all of the plan had been bad of course. They had been in a real advantage for the first time, having a powerful contractor on their side. Why this strange woman had offered her service to the Bureau was still a mystery to Misaki, but her immense powers had finally given her team an opportunity to try and get a hand on other contractors. Especially BK-201.

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I recently started rewatching Darker than Black (wich i really loved as a teenager and love even more now as an “adult”) and honestly it’s so good, if you haven’t seen it yet you should totally go check it out, let me tell you why:

There is a character that is literally a talking cat who was human once and sucks at being a cat

A lot of the characters have different sorts of superpowers but they all have to do some “payment” when they use them like

Setting up patterns of pebbles

Taking the boots of their victims and turning them upside down next to them

Or eat some boiled eggs

Then there is this girl who is just fangirling around most of the time but is actually really nice and starts caring a lot about another character, who is literally designed to feel no emotions at all, and manages to build some sort of friendship with her, always showing her the newest stuff to fangirl over.

Speaking of her this girl who “feels no emotions at all” is the sweetest girl ever and she will totally break your heart as she (surprise) starts having emotions throughout the show

and don’t even get me started on the main character who is sometimes the super cold and untouchable assassin (and yes he does the anime run)

and sometimes a dorky exchange student who eats all day long and blushes at everything

So if you are even in the tiniest bit into anime or just want to start watching it and can stand some anime violence and a lot of questions that stay unanswered i recommend you to watch this show and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did and still do :)