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Listen, the issue is not whether you personally feel white or not. We can't make you believe something you don't wanna believe. The issue is the image you are spreading. We already deal with the issue that literally NOBODY knows about Albania. Because we are so unknown, we create the first perceptions of Albania for many people. At school, on the internet, etc. We don't want someone creating a false image of Albania that only 1% of Albanians agree with. Represent us accurately. That's our issue.

You’ve got a problem with someone “accidentaly” thinking you’re not white? As if that’s a bad thing. Well I can’t do anything about the fact that you’re racist then. And I never told anything to call Albanians white or non-white. I simply dtated my opinion (since a lot of people were wondering) and told how I identify. I never said “go call all Albanians non-white” so I don’t know what you all have a problem with. Oh wait, you’re all racist that’s why. So maybe you are the one who ahould be careful about the imagine you’re giving Albanians since everyone already thinks we are closeminded racist people (which we are unfortunately).

@lukeinthirtyfive I dont ~encourage~ people to self diagnose, i tell them that the option is there if they are incapable of getting the help they deserve. LIKE I SAID BEFORE— SELF-DIAGNOSING HELPS A LOT ONCE A PERSON IS ABLE TO GET PROFESSIONAL HELP, I HAVE SAID TIME AND TIME AGAIN THAT THIS SHOULDN’T BE A PERMANENT DTATE. SELF-DIAGNOSING IS TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND YOURSELF, NOT TO KEEP IT THAT WAY FOREVER, ITS UNTIL YOU GET THE HELP YOU NEED. At the end of the day, it will help them TONS if they get out of the way if they do or don’t have the self-diagnosed mental illness.

Stop ignoring poor people, stop ignoring people w/ abusive parents or guardians that don’t allow them to get the profesional diagnosis they need. It helps to feel not alone, I’d much rather have people feel understood and slowly open up with self-diagnosing than to keep themselves locked up and too afraid to even speak about their pain because self diagnosing is ~bad~ and ~harms~.

Let people find themselves, let people grow and understand and find a place that accepts them. I am here with open arms for every single person that needs me. I have said time and time again that to self-diagnose it takes a lot of research and self-reflection. Don’t invalidate people that just want to find support.