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juggernxg  asked:

Ok so I live in America and can't watch the NTAs, but my friend who does live in the UK informed me that David won the award and I just kinda smiled and squealed and between this and season 2 of Broadchurch I can't handle these feels and I just need someone to share them with and I thought maybe because you understand the DT feels I could pop by and tell you and I just want to say that I don't think I've ever been more emotional over and actor before! How do I deal with all these David feels?!?

I live in America too! Oh, friend, I absolutely understand the DT feels. And I am always up for a chat about them. They’re terrible. They fill your soul and take your breath away. And it’s not just the sad stuff! It’s the happy moments that wet your eyes because he deserves it SO MUCH and is such a wonderful human being.

My advice? You don’t try to shake the DT feels. You embrace them wholeheartedly because whether you’re watching him laugh

Or cry

Or anything in between

You know that David will never let you down, and he’ll continue being the wonderfully fantastic, talented, humble, goofy, nerdy, adorable, sexy, amazing human being that we have all come to love and admire!