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Psssst... What are your thoughts on dark timeline FAHC Geoff...?

listen. listen.

darker timeline gta geoff is kind of my favorite because there’s a lot to play with here, he’s a very multifaceted person and i’ve been thinking about this a lot.

dt gta geoff grew up harsh. grew up all southern alabama hard lessons learned, first shot a gun at age eleven and never did look back. (though i’m also super into the concept of dt geoff growing up in los santos and oh man how that would shape his character and his actions and his story wow don’t get me started)

and but so he breaks free of alabama in a bloody thunderstorm getaway. travels. grows. ends up in los santos when he’s still young, but he’s learned things.

he’s learned to network. steal. pickpocket. kill a man, not cleanly, not yet.

he ends up in los santos.

and so he’s young and he’s trying and he’s learning new things every day while he makes a living for himself: food first, then shelter, then learning to wield a bigger gun and a knife and a crowbar and anything, everything becomes a weapon. which is useful. which is good. which is just common sense.

he meets jack and their anthesis is bloody.

she is so competent and so deadly and so good, all definitions. geoff is lost, endlessly. geoff is found.

geoff learns. grows.

geoff raises a crew, is the point, and he gets drunk and kills a dozen men, points ambiguously, says blow it up and watches it happen. gets drunk on power and wields it in terrifying ways and at the end of the day geoff’s just fuckin’ having fun, okay?

(basically i have a LOT of thoughts and feelings about darker timeline gta geoff and they’re all clustered together and different and contradictory SERIOUSLY DO NOT GET ME STARTED)


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