Reasons to love David Tennant:

  • he is an adoring cinnamon roll that needs protected at all costs
  • his sense of humour
  • he literally does an endless amount of work for charities
  • he adores his family so much it hurts
  • can wear a dress better than me - and I’m a woman
  • his devotion to the characters he plays, no matter how big or small the part may be
  • tenth doctor
  • his face has been on stamps
  • he fangirls over other actors he loves
  • and he lives for the people around him - he recently said in an interview that seeing people being ungrateful can ruin his whole day
  • once went to a meal and left without notice, turned out he’d secretly paid for everyone who was there on the way out
  • if you haven’t noticed already he has some brilliant hair
  • and a body that can make ovaries explode
  • that accent you can feel
  • a reviewer made him cry after his second stage performance, telling him he ‘lacked charm and ability’ - he took those words and shoved them where the sun don’t shine
  • he asked his grandma to knit him a Tom Baker styled scarf
  • he has a cockapoo called 'Myrtle’
  • those delicious brown eyes

Doctor Who Gifset The Doctor’s Daughter- I love how Donna is like all don’t listen to him Jenny; he is just being modest. I will explain to you what he does because it’s actually both fantastic and frightening all at the same time, and him just saying he travels through time and space doesn’t quite sum it up to be fair.