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I just got my lip pierced and the guy used a clamp. Everything seems fine....I'm just worried now because I heard that's not good.

So just a few things I feel the need to address here.

First off, tools do not at all make any piercer any better or worse. Tools can certainly be used properly and efficiently given that your piercer is well educated and experienced with them. I personally know plenty of phenomenal piercers that use tools and they turn out great.
They can also be used improperly, this is why it’s important to research your piercer and make sure that you’re in the right hands.

Secondly, freehand piercing can certainly be done improperly. But it also has a ton a benefits too.
Piercing without tools cuts down on potential bruising or discomfort prior to actually being pierced, it personally allows me to be more aware of my clients body and the tissue that I’m working with, and it cuts down on waste and the necessity to reprocess piercing equipment.

Tools provide safety for your piercer, it means that your piercer is cutting down the risk of them getting a needle stick, potentially missing a jewelry transfer and causing unnecessary discomfort, it also assists them with performing a piercing inside of their comfort zone which is a huge factor in how well your experience goes.

Piercing freehand has a ton of benefits too.
Other than what I’ve listed, it does come along with a lot of practice. Way too many piercers that haven’t pierced without tools are going outside of their comfort zone and not working to their full potential because they want to be apart of the whole freehand piercing movement.
I would much rather see someone do a lip piercing perfectly using a clamp, rather than messing the piercing up because they want to pierce in a way they’ve never been taught to. I’m very tired of piercers focusing on trying to impress other piercers, more than they focus on being a damn good piercer.

I personally don’t use many tools at all, I would say 90% of the piercings I do are without using any tools. Although, if I feel that I could use the assistance of a taper, a hemostat, or a receiving tube to protect not only myself, but my client as well, then I have absolutely no issue with doing that. I love my job, my clients are the reason I’m so fortunate to do this for a living, so I’m going to use whatever I need to make sure that their piercing goes as smoothly as possible and look super rad by the time they walk out of the piercing room.

So to answer the question, it’s totally fine that he used a clamp. Just as long as your piercing looks right and has proper jewelry to accommodate the healing process.
If you’re still concerned, please feel free to send any photos or questions in regards to your piercing to me.
My email is dspiercing@gmail.com if you’d like to chat off of tumblr, whatever works best for you.