Compilation about my MCM London Comic Con / EuroCosplay experience aka my favorite photos :D

So this is my improved Stoick the Vast costume from the 2nd How to train your dragon movie by Dreamworks.

I’m so proud of it it’s much better than before, changing the beard and adding more details (like prosthetic ears :3) was a great decision, and I’m sooo grateful for the whole weekend.

I met so many lovely people and EuroCosplay was a blast :3 I ended up on 9th place and got a Judge’s Award from LadyLemonCosplay <3

Friendly reminder: I’m still a “girl” under all that hair :D

Photo credits in order:

Full body picture: MattEleven Photography

Stage shots: Roberta Cusano Captures

Close-up: Eddie from Food And Cosplay

Derp photo aka viking metal: Artflower Fotografie

Thank you very much guuuys! <3

As soon as I get my hands on my official stage performance video I’ll share it :)

As always my Facebook page is: Dudus Arrrt

Charity Stream Tomorrow!

Hey there!! :D

So tomorrow July 13th starts the first Revelmode charity drive where myself and a bunch of other youtubers stream several times in like a week period and try to raise money for charity. The first one will start tomorrow by me and I think Ken will be there too and possibly Mark and Felix but nothing is 100% confirmed yet. I will be there at least haha.

It will start at about 5pm my time (GMT, which is like 3 hours back from this post) and will last at LEAST 2 hours but we may go longer depending on the timing and how people are feeling. It will be hosted on twitch. It isn’t one big push in one stream for charity as there will be several from different Revelmode people which is why they are shorter. 

We are raising money for the Crisis Text Line who help people with mental illness. I prompted then to pick a mental health charity because I feel like it’s one that gets overlooked constantly during these charity events but mental health issues affect WAY more people than some seem to realise. Also after hearing and seeing all the stories from people over my time doing youtube so far, it’s very clear that mental health is a very important topic, especially on the internet and I want to shine a light on it and make more people aware. 

You can donate directly to the charity if you’d like here: http://www.crisistextline.org/revelmode/

Or you can purchase the new Revelmode Humble Bundle who are working in partnership to donate to the cause too. You can pay what you want for the games and decide how much goes to the devs and how much goes to charity. You can find that here: https://www.humblebundle.com/revelmode-bundle

This is the first ever charity event I’ve been directly involved in and it’s something I’m really happy about because I’ve wanted to do them for the longest time. I’ve dropped the ball in that regard so I want to try to help people more, I’m in a very rare situation where I can help a lot of people very easily and use the sway I have to do good things and I need to be responsible with that. I’ve donated to dozens of charities personally already but never done a charity drive so I want to remedy that :)

More details will emerge soon and I will try provide links on where to watch etc. Can’t wait for it and I hope to see you all there :D

Orion Region

Got to be the best place to have a disco in space. Took this last night in a 3 hour window of no cloud and no moon and it was the first session in the new FJ Cruiser. 45x2min, 200mm, ISO800

Spam and Tag Abuse

Yo yo!! How is everyone? Good I hope! :D

So there seems to be an influx of random accounts who are not part of the fandom just posting links to sites with stuff like “10 conveniently timed photos” or “Top 5 weird positions” etc. etc., you know the type. Nothing but clickbait to make you visit the site. However they seem to be abusing the tag system to be put in popular tags so more people will see their nonsense. 

They look like this

If you see any of these I would love if you guys could report or flag them, I’ve been trying my best already to do it but there’s so many of them and they literally have nothing to do with the tags they mention, just abusing it to get more clicks. It sucks to see that stuff in the middle of all the lovely regular posts from you guys and I don’t want it to become a sea of spam we all hate venturing into :)

California Nebula with added SII 

Added some more data to my image of the California Nebula. Only my 2nd narrowband image so still learning but ive mapped the Ha to Green and Blue and the SII to Red, no OIII was captured. This object has moved out of my FOV now so its time to move on and image something else. 

#Jr21stBirthday Thank you for being born!!!!!! I honestly feel blessed to have witnessed your existence. Please continue to live your dream and share with us your passion for performing. I’m looking forward to seeing you evolve as an artist and as a person.   You are so beautiful, please keep smiling (and don’t forget to iron your face!! lmao) ;; Happy Birthday, my love!

© please do not repost, thank you!

JSE Meetup

Hey guys :D

So a cool thing happened today! All you guys got together and did a “JSE meetup” thing in the tag today and it was so super sweet and awesome to see. I really love that you guys all band together for things like this under your own initiative to get to know each other more and just hang out in a way. It shows how positive and active you all are and that you all respect each other, it’s so hard to keep a community together when it reaches a certain size and not only that but it’s super hard to keep it civil as well. More often than not it turns on itself so it’s super nice to see you all go against that without me even having to say anything :)

I’m very proud of you all not just for being part of the community for my sake but also being there for each other too. It really means a lot to me to see things like that and I had a huge smile on my face looking at all the selfies people were posting and reading the introductions and bios everyone was posting. 

I may not say it enough but you guys all help me through the day more than you think you do or more than I might show. Youtube would be a LOT less fun if I didn’t have such wonderful people to back up the channel everyday so thank you all for being great not only to me but to each other as well. I’m very proud of this community :)

Heart Nebula - IC1805

Ive been waiting to capture this for a few weeks now but it was either too low in the sky, too cloudy or I had to get up early the next day. Conditions were perfect last night so I stayed up imaging until 2am and shot 12 x 9 min subs all in Hydrogen Alpha.  Its still actually quite low in the sky here, about 38 degrees so I think more detail will be possible once its in its winter home.