Worse Than Nicotine

Summary: A familiar face shows up at the gym you coach at, all you want is for him to leave. Or is it?

Characters: Lance Tucker x Reader

Warnings: language, Lance Tucker, sex talk, kissing, lead up to smut, un-beta’d

Song Insp.

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You cursed to yourself as you dropped your paperwork on the floor, bending down to pick it up before hearing an all too familiar voice from the door behind you.

“Nice view, Y/LN.”

You stood up and turned round, face to face with those bright blue eyes and the damn smug look across Lance Tucker’s face.

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SVTFOE Speedrawing… in a way.. XD  I would like to dedicate this art video to all of my fellow SVTFOE fans out there!! This was recorded at a restaurant Dec 24, 2016 where they have a paper placemat paired up with crayons so that whenever the customers are bored while waiting for their food, they can draw or doodle on the paper. So, this is what i did before and after eating. :D This is recorded by my friend Michael, who also edited this. I thank him very much for this… ^_^

I also wanna say Merry Christmas to Everyone and Happy New Year to all! :D
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1st song - “I’m from another Dimension”:
Star vs. the Forces of Evil Opening Theme:

2nd song - “Flying High Remix” by DJ Splash: https://youtu.be/2ynzRUKwsOo

3rd song - Star vs. the Forces of Evil Ending Theme: https://youtu.be/lTgyEHDIKbw

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I got inspired by @asynca‘s badass Widowmaker compilation so I made one too! Tho definitely a lot less badass. Music is A+++ tho! :D

Song: Lyre Le Temps - Looking Like This

Meeting The Calaveras ~ Pack Imagine // Teen Wolf

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Y/N  - Your Name
Plot: You and the rest of the pack are in Mexico initially to find Derek however, the Calaveras have something else in mind for the pack to figure out…  
Word Count: 1, 208
Disclaimer: I google translated most of the Spanish words so I’m sorry if they don’t make sense or used in the wrong context.

Song For The Imagine / Cayendo - Deorro feat. Tess Marie

“Blend in dumbasses” I laughed over the bass of the music at my awkward friends before being dragged deeper into the ocean of shirtless guys and stunning girls. I felt hands grip onto my waist so I turned around to see a decently hot guy dancing with me. I smiled as I swayed my hips and brushed my fingers through my hair to the rhythm of the music, you know, for a potential life or death scenario I’m enjoying this way too much.

None of us have heard or seen Derek in weeks and when Scott went over to his building to investigate the only thing he found were bullets with a decorated skull imprint, Deaton said it belongs to the Calaveras; hunters that originated from Mexico. So here we are in a club across the border in search for our Sourwolf and maybe even taking down a threat, but for now me, Kira and Malia have been instructed to be in the crowd and act like we belong which is exactly what I’m doing and enjoying.

There was a loud bang and the sound of yelling and fighting which made me immediately stop and stare in the direction to where the crowd was forming. Knowing exactly what was happening I tried to push through the crowd to get to the other side of the club where my friends were but someone grabbed my arm and pulled me back; digging their nails through my skin in the progress.

Harshly I turned around and yanked my hand out of the strangers grip but that only inspired him to dig his nails deeper into my skin. I hissed in pain but that didn’t stop me from attempting to grab the knife from my back pocket but just as I brought it into view a thick cloth was wrapped around my mouth and nose.

Suddenly I felt all woozy and everything started to blur and spin, the last thing I remember was the mumble of Spanish and the sound of my defense weapon clanging onto the floor before everything went completely black.

.   .   .

A sharp pain in my shoulder woke me up from my drugged state, I tried to sit up but something kept me in place. Despite everything still being blurry I could still recognize the silver chains that were wrapped around my arms and legs. Violently I thrashed around hoping that they would break but a large hand gripped at the base of my neck and pushed me against the back of the chair I was sitting in.

Once my vision started clearing the hand removed itself from my skin and knowing that moving around wouldn’t help my current situation I stayed relatively still. My eyesight went back to normal and the first thing I noticed that I was only in my ripped denim shorts and my plain white bra, my tank top was nowhere in sight.

“Such a pretty weapon for a pretty girl” an elderly sounding voice said from behind me.
“Don’t touch her! I gave you the name already, I’ve done what you asked!” I shot my head up to see the entire pack just a few feet away from me, all tied up in chairs but the only thing different was that they didn’t have heavy chains draped around their bodies like I have.

From the corner of my eye a woman was twirling my knife in her hands staring at me as she did it. Slowly she came into clear view, a sickly smile sprawled across her face.

“So mi hija, tell me about yourself” I gave her an evil glare as she circled around me. Like a predator eyeing down its prey.

“And why the hell would I do that?” she just tutted and continued twirling my weapon in her hand, caressing the blade with her finger. Swiftly she pressed the tip of the knife directly above my collar bone in the soft spot of my neck which made me shudder slightly at the contact.

“Don’t touch her!” Scott yelled as he moved against his restraints, I watched as his eyes turned a deep red and a man wearing all black started to approach Scott from behind.
“Don’t touch him!” I yelled over Scott, the elderly lady in front of me held out her hand and the man behind Scott stopped in his place and returned back into position.

“Kids, they don’t seem to respect the elderly anymore” I hissed out in pain as I felt blood trickle down from where my own knife was held against my skin and towards my chest, staining the white of my bra.

“What do you want?” I spat, she just smiled and dragged the knife down my body making me cringe slightly at the coldness and the minute shot of pain that surged through me. Soon enough she stopped and rested the tip of the blade on the side of my stomach; where my birthmark was.

“Can you speak Spanish Y/N?”
“Con fluidez”

“Good, now tell me Y/N. What does your marca de nacimiento mean to you” I gave her a confused look as did the rest of the pack.

“It’s just a birthmark, it has no meaning” she tutted once more and I heard and felt the blade penetrate through my skin. I gasped in pain and squeezed my eyes tightly shut but the lady on the other hand just chuckled.

“Your birthmark is different, it’s unique and something I’ve only seen once before” her hand caressed my left cheek and twisted the knife further into me in the process forcing me to let out a yell.

“Don’t hurt her she’s only human!” Lydia said through her own tears.
“You haven’t told them?!” Psychopathic lady looked at me with an amused look then back to the people I consider family. Without even giving me a second glance she yanked the knife out of my stomach. Both pain and relief washed over me as I squeezed my eyes shut again and leant forward slightly in a feeble attempt to stop the blood gushing.  

“What are you talking about?” I breathed, still in pain.
“You’re a supernatural” she said bluntly

“She can’t be, she’s one: not healing and two: we’ve known her for years. She’s human just like me” Stiles defended me before I could comprehend what the Calaveras leader had just said.

“Do you want me to say it in English Stiles? No! She isn’t human, she’s a disgusting creature that needs to be gotten rid of”

“I’m human” I stuttered as I still felt the pain of the stab wound.
“Your eyes mi hija. Open your eyes” she cooed but I refused, if anything I squeezed my eyelids harder if that was possible.

Once again I felt a sharp pain dig into the same spot in my stomach but this time only deeper. I screeched in pain and flung my head backwards but she grabbed the roots of my hair and lifted my head upright.

“Open your eyes!” She said more menacingly as she twisted the knife 180 degrees. Unwillingly I opened my eyes and everyone stopped shouting and crying and gasped in horror instead.

Gasped in horror at my cloudy grey eyes.

(Part 2 Out Soon)

Happy Birthday ShinChan Special Mix
MidorimaXTakao Mix (Ono Daisuke X Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
Happy Birthday ShinChan Special Mix

Hey, welcome back to TheNakedRadio!!!! ^__^


This is a Takao X Midorima Mix I made, for shin-chan’s Birthday!!!! yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! :D

-Seishun TIP-OFF!! ~MVP Hikari & Kage ver. side Shuutoku (by Ono Daisuke and Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
-Ashita he tsurete (by Ono Daisuke and Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
-Cheers To Our Ace (Character Song - by suzuki tatsuhisa)
-Way to Victory (by Ono Daisuke and Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

(I will post the new songs maybe tommorow because there’s a limit to the songs i can post in one day ^^;)






Watch in 1080p HD and headphones ;)

I’ve worked on this for 3 weeks and I’m very happy to share my work with you, guys ;D

Let me know what do you think about it and I hope you liked this video!

Thanks for watching :D

Song: World on Fire - Les Friction
Fandom: Star Wars
Coloring: Nat Salvatore
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13.0

Don’t Let Me Down

Summary: You’re reunited with your boyfriend, Dean, after he comes back from a hunt with his Dad and Brother, but your relationship isn’t all that simple.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Riley (omc), Kaity (ofc)

Warnings: angst, fluffy smut, unprotected sex, language, un-beta’d

Song Insp. 

A/N: This is set pre-season 1. The series will probably be a 2-3 parter depending on where I decide to go with it. As always, feedback is super appreciated!

 “You know, if I knew you’d be sulking all night, I wouldn’t have suggested coming to the party,” you looked up at Dean, a teasing smile across your face.

He gave you a sarcastic smile. “Shut up,” he mumbled, before he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him.

You rested your hands on his shoulders and leaned up to give him a soft, sweet kiss on the lips. “You sure you’re alright though?” you asked, the concern clear in your voice.

“Yeah, I’m good.”

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