I sometimes think I forgot about how there are more components to the “Dickinson Story” than what I simply contribute to in a day. What I mean by that is, there are often people who make our experiences possible here at Dickinson but I think we (or maybe just I) often forget to recognize them. I want to write this shout-out and acknowledge how amazing and understanding the staff of Dickinson have been and continue to be.
Sadly, I have been stuck at home because I had to have surgery on Monday, which is the reason why you aren’t getting a “happy post about how classes have resumed”. To keep details to a minimum, I encourage all of you to keep your gall bladder in, if at all possible. I found out about my impending death so to speak about a week before classes resumed. I could only get my surgery scheduled for the Monday of classes, which meant I would be out for the first week, minimum.
I came home from the doctor and sent out my fleet of e-mails to all my professors, employers, deans, advisors and anyone else of interest. The response I received back from every single person was overwhelming, but in an extremely good way. Everyone was incredibly understanding and wished me nothing but a full and speedy recovery. My professors continue to keep me updated with class and we discuss work via e-mail. Their understanding has helped keep my stress level down and know I can come back to class and be fully engaged. I received the nicest Get Well cards from some of the wonderful women I work with. I got a personal shout out on Twitter after my surgery from the Admissions staff, sending me well wishes (and for an social media addict like myself, that made me pretty happy). My employers have put my health over the work that needs to be completed and told me, I’m only allowed back once I am healthy again. I even got a personal phone call from Dean Yarnell himself, talking about my condition and the state of my school work. I didn’t realize how the staff at Dickinson contributes to your Dickinson Experience until this all happened. But it did make me realize how invaluable every single staff member is and how they positively shape your time here at Dickinson. 


Danette Moore'15