Portrait of Ossip S. Gabrilowitsch. Gabrilowitsch was conductor of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra from 1918-1936. Printed on front: “Georg Brokesch, Leipzig Zeitzerstr.” Printed on back: “Georg Brokesch. Leipzig. Zeitzerstrasse 2. Zweiggeschaft in Hannover unter der Firma Karl F. Wunder, Friedrichstr. Pramiirt mit ersten Preisen: Leipzig 1879, Dresden 1879, Nurnberg 1880, Hamburg 1881, Brussel 1883, Braunschweig 1886, London 1886, Florenz 1887, Wien 1890, Gent 1893, St. Louis 1894, Hannover 1901, Leipzig 1901. Telephon Anschluss 3191.” Handwritten on back: “Gabrilowitsch, Ossip Solomonovich, 1878-1936, portraits.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

NGC7000 - The North America Nebula

Great to finish this project and the best thing ive ever captured! Enjoy! Totaling 6hrs exposure, this was taken over 3 nights using the Canon 700Da, Canon 200mm F2.8 at F4 ISO400, 600 sec subs. Mount: iOptron Smart Eq Pro, Orion ST80 and Orion Starshoot solitaire autoguider. Right, next target!

Diablo Swing Orchestra Introductory Post

Best introductory playlist, in roughly ascending order of weirdness:

M81 + M82 and NGC3070 

Last night was the first night i got to do any imaging in 3 weeks due to the shit weather in the UK. These galaxies are pretty close to us at 12 million light years, im sure i can see them with the naked eye. They also look pretty close together but they are estimated to be around 150,000 light years apart

Milky Way - Tenerife 29/05/2016

I have just got back from Tenerife and had perfect astro conditions for 5 nights. If you are obsessed with the Milky Way, as am I, then you need to go. You can make out a lot of detail with the naked eye but even more so when imaging it. Taken with a Canon 6D and 50mm lens on the side of El Teide mountain.