Huey Newton - St. Vincent w/ Dallas Symphony Orchestra concert performance @ Winspear Opera House, Dallas TX 5/18/15

extra dramatic rendition of Huey Newton

Located in New York City, the Department of Secrets and Obfuscation (The DSO) is the largest government organization of the AWC, and is charged with keeping the magical world a secret from its muggle contemporaries. While this makes DSO Agents responsible for putting memory charms in place on muggles who have seen too much (a legally tricky maneuver, as the placement of a memory charm on a muggle requires a court order except in emergency circumstances) it also puts a fair number of other responsibilities on their plate.

The DSO manages the borders of magical communities hidden within muggle urban centers, such as the small neighborhood hidden at the heart of Dupont Circle in Washington DC, and New York City’s famed Sixth Borough, a center for magical art and culture in the AWC. The temporal and spatial transfigurations that must be done to keep these places a secret are no small feat of magic, and the DSO is constantly looking out for new talent in those realms, often competing with the Department of Magical Research and Development (DMRD, cousin to the British Department of Mysteries).

Further, the monitoring of underage wizards and witches is in the hands of the DSO, who also keep an eye out for muggle-born children and assign agents to act as liaisons to non-magical families and help integrate the child into the wizarding world. They also help with the placement of squibs who wish to enter the muggle world, usually trying to put them in positions that are of use to their former communities (bankers, grocers, government bureaucrats, and the like).

Finally, the DSO often works with the Auror’s Board and Department of National Security (AB-DENS) on special missions that require a…light touch. The less said about these clandestine operations, the better

The offices of the DSO are located in a set of enchanted subway cars that run constantly beneath the city of New York. Visitors and invitees must have a special pass that calls the train to the platform for them to board and complete their business. Agents have access to special, remote flus set up in each departmental train.