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how would the 2p allies (and Canada) react to their 1p! flirting with their s/o?

Allen would be pissed. Yeah, sure, Alfred didn’t get that much attention from any gender, but still. That was his s/o and he was sure as hell not going to sit around and let him try to steal them away!
He would march over to where his love and his 1p were standing and chatting, and scoop his s/o up into his arms, glaring harshly at Alfred for a split second before walking away with a grin on his face.

Francois would be more than angry. He would be fuming. He himself was a major flirt, but he would never flirt with anyone else’s significant other. And even if he did, he sure as hell wouldn’t do it while he was in a committed relationship; something that he hadn’t had in quite a long time. He would storm over to the two, stopping for a moment to chastise his 1p in alarmingly loud, clearly angry French, before grabbing his significant other by the hand and practically dragging them away.

Oliver would be a little less-than-happy. In fact, he wouldn’t be happy at all. Arthur had never been much of a flirt, so why now, of all times, did he decide to become one. And why with somebody that he knew was in a healthy, committed relationship.
He would quickly come to the conclusion that his 1p was just trying to spite him. And that conclusion was not one that he was happy with. Boy, would Arthur get an earful later.. And perhaps some cupcakes, he thought to himself. He grinned wildly at the thought, but quickly composed himself, straightening his clothes and putting on a happy face for the time being. He walked over to the two without the usual spring in his step, greeting the pair with a dsmile. His presence alone was enough to make Arthur uneasy. He could practically feel the tension. Good, he thought. He picked his s/o up bridle-style, sending a wink in Arthur’s direction as he strode away.

Viktor was angry, but refused to let it show. He walked over to where his love and 1p were standing, immediately taking note of the look on Ivan’s face. To his significant other, it probably looked like the usual kind, innocent smile. But to him, it was a look of a pure mischief. He knew what he was doing, and it was all just to piss him off; even more of a reason to not let his anger show through. He would gently take his love’s hand in his own and bring it to his lips, peppering a few quick kisses on their knuckles. All the while staring into the eyes of his pissed-off 1p, no longer caring about his own anger, but rather about continuing to anger Ivan until his eventual departure in a fit of rage. It would take a little longer than originally expected, but he would leave. And then Viktor would carry his significant other off to who knows where.

Xiao, being who he is, would wait until after his counterpart finished flirting with his s/o to say anything. He would walk up to Yao and ask him what his problem was and why he was flirting with his significant other. No matter the answer, he wouldn’t be happy with it and would make a mental note to get revenge later. Knowing that his s/o was waiting, after Yao gave an answer he would leave to return to them.

James would laugh seeing Matthew’s attempts at flirting with them, finding it to be rather cute. He would wait it out, letting Matt have his fun and thoroughly enjoying seeing him get flustered when they flirted back. After the two were done, he would take his s/o back to his house to relax and talk about what all was said during the events prior.