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Personality Disorders and their Agendas

Based on a talk from 2011 by David Mays

Antisocial: control/avoid being controlled
Borderline: be understood perfectly enough that the emptiness will end
Narcissistic: to be adored
Histrionic: be the center of attention (by being attractive/entertaining/ill)
Ocpd: follow the rules and avoid blame
Avoidant: avoid being hurt (he thought this was too much like social phobia)
Dependent: assure love and protection at any personal cost
Paranoid: stay safe in a dangerous world

He also argued that schizotypal was a variant of schizophrenia (that it should be a thought disorder, not a personality disorder, since studies have shown that it tends to turn into schizophrenia), and schizoid is more like ambulatory autism. Not sure if I agree with those or not, but the agendas for most of them seem to be fairly close (I’m the least sure about borderline, though).