endangeredslug-deactivated20170  asked:

Rumbelle prompt: Belle makes popular vines and Gold is always around to witness her doing the strangest things. What he doesn't know is that sometimes he's in the shot and is now like Where's Waldo for her followers.

((Warning: I’ve never used Vine or any kind of video-making software.

Also, still accepting prompts!  Keep ‘em coming, please!  Butterfly Bog and Rumbelle/Anyelle!))

On the screen, a lovely young woman with chestnut hair and blue eyes asks someone off to the left, “I need a book?”

The camera cuts to the same woman, except she’s turned to the right.  “Okay!” she replies brightly, “Title?”

Cut back to the left angle. She shrugs.


Another shrug.

A quiet sigh and wince. “Blue cover?”


The right-angle woman looks at the camera like she’s on The Office.

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