Is the future of DJing here?

Smithson Martin has came out with the ‘world’s first and only-dedicated multi-touch midi controller PC software for professional DJ and music’ named Emulator. Emulator currently only works with Traktor Pro but is in development to work with Ableton, Serato, Virtual DJ and others.

You can pick up the software and run it on your own touch-screen for a price tag of $249 USD. If you would like the complete Emulator Professional Multi-Touch DJ System be prepared to pay a whopping price tag of (depending on the options you choose):

Emulator 32″ Dual      $3,875.00
Emulator 32″ 6-Touch   $4,875.00
Emulator 42″ Dual      $4,275.00        
Emulator 42″ 6-Touch   $5,975.00

The complete system hardware solution is the transparent screen you see in the video and also includes:

  • Emulator Multi-Touch Screen (dual touch or six touch) in 32″ or 42″ versions
  • Emulator Software (lifetime upgrades and support)
  • Emulator custom stand with projector mount
  • 2200 lumen short throw projector
  • Technical support and lifetime software upgrades.

Many people argue this wont be the future for disc jockeys due to the fact theres no scratching, beat juggling, drumming ect. What do you think? Is this the future for DJing?

For more information: http://www.smithsonmartin.com/


Boogiepop Phantomz is an up and coming duo from Southern California that strive to bring you the best disco! Their unique disco sound has caught on and they are rapidly growing artists. They have a residency spot at a well known 18+ night club in Hollywood, Club Dance and has performed at events all throughout the area. 

They kick off 2011 with a new jammin mixtape featuring two brand spankin new tracks that are sure to make you dance. Every minute of each track makes your feet want to move and your head nod to the beat. The thirty minute mix tape also includes tracks from Sweaters, Second City Rhythm, and Treasure Fingers. There isn’t a second of the mixtape that doesn’t keep you 100% entertained as the disco runs through your body. I can feel it, 2011 is gonna be a good year. & Remember! Keep it classy and stay disco!

Track Listing:

1.Boogiepop Phantomz - Intro (The Bunny Hut)
2.La Zebra - Wrong number
3.Treasure Fingers - Lift me
4.Aniki - Lesbian Bondage Fiasco
5.Bit Funk - 9 Iron
6.G.L.O.V.E.S - Too much to dream
7.Wanna Be Your Lover (White Girl Lust’s Bump Bootleg)
8.Boogiepop Phantomz - YEAH! (The Bunny Hut)
9.Christoph Andersson - Tuxedo
10. Sweaters - Mista Cool
11. Ivan The Terrible - Yellow Fronts Brown Backs
12. Vanguard - Apollo
13. N’Joy - Do Whatcha Gotta Do (Thony Ritz Remix)
14. Alec Carlsson - OMG
15. You Got Me - Second City Rhythm





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Hey guys! First off, Happy Valentines day. I hope your all spending it well. You may notice the lack of posts this week, its due to the fact I started school today! I’m going to try and blog as much as I can but its going to take me a few days to adjust my new schedule. Don’t worry! I should be back on my game by next week, I promise :}

So for now, I have this video that has been going around a lot, apparently its a new track from Boys Noize called “Ion” that he dropped in his set during the weekend in München. I haven’t heard anything from this track yet but it seems to be promising! Check out the video for yourself! 


Ellie Goulding Lights (Bassnectar Remix)

External image

Bassnectar released another remix no more than a few hours ago, this time taking on Ellie Goulding’s pop song, ’Lights’. The track is a slow-dubstep & chill remix with amazing hypnotic vocals. Definitely a track you can come home and relax too. 

Ellie Goulding Lights (Bassnectar Remix) by Bassnectar

I’ve also came upon another version, Eyes dubstep remix, which is a much faster & heavier remix. Check both of them out!

 Ellie Goulding - Lights (Bassnectar Remix) // Download

Ellie Goulding - Lights (Eyes Remix) // Download


Le Castle Vania @ UCR's Homecoming Bonfire

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UCR will be hosting their Homecoming Bonfire tonight featuring Le Castle Vania! They will also have bumper cars, a mechanical bull, fireworks, laser tag, FREE IN-N-Out (to the first 200 people) and so much more! Now, I don’t know if they’ll be checking student id’s or anything but its free and worth a try! It starts at 7pm and ends at 11pm. LCV will be going on around 9:30pm. We’ll be hitting this up so hope to see you there!

External image

Alright.. as much as some of us would like that to be true, its not. Sorry for the disappointment! BUT! I do have a new track from KRFTKDS that started as a joke but was released today! Whether your a Bieber fan or not, I recommend you grabbing this track! Enjoy :}

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Thats What She Said #2

It’s time for another edition of ’Thats What She Said!“. Right in time to kick off your weekend! I hope this makes up for the lack of tunes this week, its been a hectic week. Anywho! This week we have 18 tracks including dubstep, electro, house and much more. Check out all the tracks and enjoy! 

Suicide Silence - Wake Up (La Musique D'Ordinateur Remix) // Download

Zedd - Autonomy (Lucky Date remix) // Download

Sultan & Ned Shepard - Call My Name (Spencer and Hill Remix) // Download

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