Meet Beseirwan (Braeden) Nionnin (played by Connor Paolo)

Slytherin | 7th Year | Half-Blood

(known as a Pureblood, though)

His closest friends, and only his closest friends, call him Braeden, because they know how much he hates having his father’s name.  A variation of the Fidelius Charm protects his blood status from ever getting out, for he and his mother keep the secret within their very souls, for their own protection.  His father recently passed, and now Braeden must figure out how to tell his boyfriend that his past is not as pure as he once believed it to be…


Learn more about Braeden here.  To play alongside this character, his boyfriend, and others apply here to join our Hogwarts RPG.  ;)  Want to play on one of the other schools instead?  We are also a Beauxbatons RPG, Durmstrang RPG, and Lanesville RPG.