dsi imaging


Human Connectome Project white matter fibers, via diffusion spectral imaging.

we had a neurosurgeon come in to talk to us about the brain. my take on neurosurgeons as lecturers is that they either are absolutely, irrefutably, incontrovertibly AWESOME-I-think-I-just-fell-in-love-please-marry-me-also-I-have-crippling-debt, or they are as dry as the purported wit I am known to shit out on a daily basis. or is it just the shit? either way is not completely true, actually, because my wit is hiLARious. and these neurosurg lecturers are very not. 

they do afford me the great opportunity to craft this skill I’ve been working on, which is falling asleep with my eyes wide open. hasn’t been working so well. although I HAVE managed to smoothly execute a ‘nodding off and violently pitching forward to oh-HAY-I’m-just-checking-my-shoelace/scratching my foot/adjusting my flats' manoeuvre.

fucking beautiful. 

as are these brain images (see what I did there? brought the post back 'round full-circle. genius). my alpha-waves-eyes-wide-open state was briefly interrupted when these babies appeared on our ridiculously large lecture screen. granted, resolution is kind of iffy, and there are things that definitely don’t belong in places that may or may not exist, but sooo puuurteh. and so many colours!

SCIENCE. making the world a more beautiful place, one tenuous-fibre-tract-imaging-study at a time.