• 1D:You're insecure-
  • Me:[skips What Makes You Beautiful]
  • 1D:I've tried playing it-
  • Me:[skips One Thing]
  • 1D:Hey girl-
  • Me:[skips Live While We're Young]
  • 1D:Oh, I just wanna take-
  • Me:[skips Kiss You]
  • 1D:Maybe it's-
  • Me:[skips Best Song Ever]
  • 1D:Straight-
  • Me:[Skips Midnight Memories]
  • 1D:I figured it out-
  • Me:[skips You and I]
  • 1D:She been my queen since we were 16-
  • Me:[skips Steal My Girl]
  • 1D:Going out tonight-
  • Me:[skips Night Changes]
  • 1D:From the moment I met you, everything changed
  • 1D:I knew I had to get you, whatever the pain. I had to take you and make you mine (take you and make you mine).
  • ME:[flips table] Oh oh ohh oh so put your hands up. Oh oh ohh oh 'cause it’s a stand up!!! [dry fires gun into the air]

North at the Wall and south in Braavos, Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) and Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) both suffer devastating losses meted out by the fraternities they both hoped would replace their families, and that they both failed to fully commit to. Jon may have sworn his vows to the Night’s Watch, but he never quite stopped being like his father: His entire scheme to integrate the Wildlings into the community of humanity is the sort of noble, doomed scheme Ned Stark (Sean Bean) might have dreamed up. In the same way, Arya told Jaqen H’ghar (Tom Wlaschiha) over and over again that she wanted to become no one, but she couldn’t stop herself from hiding Needle and preserving the part of her that wants vengeance for her family. If Jon is a lot like Ned, Arya has her mother’s mix of calculation and sentimentality.Both of those qualities got Jon and Arya’s parents killed. And on tonight’s episode, they got Jon murdered by his brothers — each man declaring that the killing stroke they sunk into his body was “For the Watch” — and Arya blinded by her trainers (a moment that in Martin’s novels made me so angry I hurled a Kindle across the room). It’s not so easy to shake off your old family for a new one. But the costs of failing to break free can be dreadful. [x]

Relevant as Hell

So, in my quest for missing documents I found a copy of Rolling Stone with Clay Aiken on the cover. It’s dated 7/10/2003.
This is a direct quote from the magazine:
“One thing I’ve found of people in the public eye either you’re a womanizer or you’ve got to be gay. Since I’m neither one of those, people are completely concerned about me. They’re like ‘what are you then?’ I’m sure it has to do with being raised by women. I wouldn’t want somebody gawking at my mom and grabbing her butt and catcalling at her, trying to hook up with her at a bar. I’m not saying I’m not going to look. Hello! But you know what I mean?”

He came out in 2008.

1. Not getting enough sleep. You absolutely need sleep. Yes, you might have a big test tomorrow, but chances are you’ll be unable to retain anything late at night after hours of studying anyways. You will most likely get more out of an entire night of sleep than those two extra hours of studying.

2. Unrealistic goals. Don’t make a to-do list you’re certain you won’t finish. Don’t schedule finishing three papers in one evening. Be realistic. Things usually take more time than we think. Looking at long lists of checkboxes unchecked isn’t exactly motivating.

3. Too much coffee. I love coffee. Most of you reading this probably love coffee. But always make sure not to don’t drink too much of it, and don’t drink coffee too late in the evening. If you’re not careful, it can screw up your circadian rhytm. This applies to anything with caffeine, not just coffee. Tea is usually not that bad, since many don’t have caffeine, and the ones who do have quite small amounts, but stay away from the energy drinks.

4. Working in bed. This is something I used to do A LOT, but you can see a significant improvement in the grades I got after being more strict with myself, forcing myself to sit by a desk instead. This is how those 2+ hour naps happen. Find other places you can study and be comfortable at the same time. Just avoid the bed if you want to be productive.

5. Tumblr. Yeah, so this is a bit ironic, considering this is posted on Tumblr, but: when starting a study session, close Tumblr. If you can’t stay off, download a website blocker.

6. Spending too much time planning. Let me explain this: If you spend half the time you have available planning your study session, and then the rest actually studying, you’re probably not all that productive, unless the excessive amount of planning truly makes you a lot more productive in your study session. Plan out your study time quickly, don’t spend too much time on it. You might feel productive, but the goal here is to study, so make sure you actually do.

7. Thinking “I’ll remember this, so I won’t write it down”. No. You will forget this at some point. WRITE IT DOWN. This applies to everything, not just studying and school. Make a note on your phone, in your journal, wherever. Just jot it down somewhere, you’ll be thankful you did.

8. Falling behind. This is not mighty specific, but it is important. Once you fall behind in one subject/class, you’ll most likely fall behind in at least one more. Do a little bit of work every day, and get things done right away (see the next paragraph), and you’ll avoid falling behind! Getting back on track is much harder than just keeping up throughout the year.

9. Not getting things done right away. Most important thing on this list. Received a set of maths practice problems today? Get it done today. Get it out of the way (but don’t rush through it), so you can continue with other things. On the day before it’s supposed to be done, you’ll be so glad you didn’t wait, avoiding an evening of stress trying to get it done.

10. Only writing down things written on the board/Powerpoint. Sure, the key points will usually be here, but the important details are those said out loud by the teacher/lecturer. I know it’s hard to write down things from the board/Powerpoint while also listening and taking notes from what they say, but I’d recommend focusing on taking notes from what they say. The things on the board/Powerpoint are probably key points you already know, or that you can read about in the textbook. The info said out loud might not be.

11. Being afraid to ask questions. If you have a question, ask the teacher/lecturer. Sure, there might be other ways to find the answer, but you’ll probably get a more straight-forward, clear answer from the teacher or lecturer. Also, ask right away, don’t wait. If there is something you don’t understand, going forward with the curriculum will be harder. This one might be hard for many, but try the best you can. If you are graded partially on activity in class or you ever need a reference, asking questions will make your teacher realise you are interested in the subject and learning.

In the end of this post, I’d like to remind all of you how much resources are put into your education. Your country is investing in your education and future. Appreciate the privilege of education. Realise that not everyone gets the opportunities you get, so make sure you’re not wasting them. Wow, this suddenly got very deep. But you know what I mean. 

Hope you got at least some help out of this post! Any questions/feedback? Message me, I’ll be happy to answer any questions and I’d appreciate any feedback! ♥♥