i have this small fact about ace that the reason why he likes josie so much is because he used to have a cat at home before he ran away which was this cat, her name is francine but ace probably called her “fran” or “franny” for short lmao idk if she would still be alive or not will ace ever see her again probably not dfsafsdffddf but yeah he misses her so he resorts to josie now  

cockzoo-a  asked:

“Are you scared?”


          “ NO. ” You sure about that, Steph? Tight as a steel claw, fingers dig into his thigh, entirely unintentional and disregarded even as she attempts to swear that there’s not an ounce of fear anywhere in her. After all, isn’t she supposed to be a vigilante? Isn’t she supposed to be FEARLESS in the face of even the worst of circumstances? Amazing how a piss porn excuse for a horror film managed to send her squirming, practically into the lap of her beloved

          Her grip somewhat lessens, fingers flexing against his thigh, giving it a gentle knead to silently apologize for the inevitable BRUISING she had likely inflicted. A deep sigh follows as she attempts to lean away, stop smothering him so much. It must have been driving him CRAZY having her attached to him like piece of gum on the sole of his shoes. That’s how she felt in that moment, anyway.

          “ Stop STARING at me. I’m fine, ” it comes out as far more of a grumble than intended, her nose scrunching as her lips pucker. Unlikely that it looked truly annoyed, probably more akin to a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. “ If you don’t stop, I’mma tell Waffles to pee in your shoes. ” And that cat would… probably end up peeing in hers.