Held on behalf of Mystic Fall’s town council, the Spring Carnival is a reoccurring event that happens once every year. This years festivities will begin on Thursday, May 9th and extend until Monday, May 13th. 

Be sure to come out and enjoy the many rides, snack booths and entertain that include a live band, a kissing booth and at midnight each day their will be a fireworks display! During the day, kids will be running loose, but after the sun sets all must beware of what lurks after each turn. And with the arrival of the coven, all vampires may want to steer clear of the carnival all together.

Our very first event will be roleplayed starting tomorrow and going through the weekend. We expect everyone to finish their paras and/or chatzy by Monday, May 13th, which is when the Carnival will be leaving town. We plan to have the first couple days of the event (Thursday-Saturday) simply be exciting and lighthearted. Please be sure to interact with each other using paras and/or chatzys, because we’d like everyone to show us something they took part in at the end of the event. Though gif chats will suffice for this event, in the future we’ll expect everyone to have a para link to show us. Onto the darker, more plot-related part of the event – we’ll be leaving that for Sunday and Monday. We have a plot already thought up, and we’ll be messaging those involved sometime today or tomorrow to see how they feel about it. If you want your character specifically involved in the plot, shoot us a message and we’ll see what we can work out for you. 

*For anyone not in the group: COME AND JOIN! We’re in need of several witches from the Kansas coven, and would love to have them for the upcoming event! Faceclaims include: Max Theiriot, Amanda Seyfried, Amber Heard and Annasophia Robb! Come apply for them and join our family! :)

Childhood Memories // Open Event Paragraph

Sliding his hands into the pockets of his jeans, Nick stood idly by as children ran past him, squealing in excitement as they rushed to line up for the next ride. The evening was cool, but at the same time, warm enough for it to be comfortable. He preferred this weather; it made him feel at ease. And even as young couples giggled as they passed him, and parents shouted after their missing kids, Nick found himself relaxing in the hectic environment. 

Despite the many troubled years as a child, Nick had always loved these types of events. Where he could stand by and watch as kids ran around, completely at ease as they joked with their friends. The brunette had never hadn’t had such a sweet upbringing, but he appreciated the fact that he could watch as other boys his age could. Just then as the young man turned to ask for a soda from the snack booth he was standing beside, someone ran into him from behind. Turning in alarm, Nicholas looked the stranger up and down, a frown on his face. “I’m sorry,” he said immediately, nodding to show his apology as he waited for their response. 

Hello, Mystic! Did you miss us? Don’t be surprised, with the supernaturals returning as quickly as they are, the council is going to be quite active. Our first gift? Vervain is going to be in the town’s water system for the next three days.  Werewolves, witches and humans will be immune to any vampire related activity, but otherwise will not be affected. Vampires and hybrids? Good luck finding food around here, because everyone’s full of your special brand of poison. Oh, and, we wouldn’t suggest any showers. Have fun!

Hello, DS members! This isn’t exactly considered our first real event, but we’ll be having this little prompts from time to time thanks to the lovely town council of Mystic Falls. Be sure to include these in your everyday conversations, as well as starters and maybe even paras! We’re currently planning our first real event, but this should keep you all occupied until the details are posted! Have fun and remember — beware of the Departed Souls!


With the school year winding down, it’s come time for the Senior’s of Mystic Falls to get themselves dolled up for their final school event– Prom. Held inside the gym of Mystic Falls High, this years dance committee has chosen the theme: Masquerade. Girls are expected to show up in their fanciest attire, paired with the boys dressed up in their tuxes. Masks are mandatory for this event, and anyone without one will be turned away at the door! The doors will be opening at 7 p.m. and everyone will be asked to leave shortly before 11! 

Also, an unsupervised “After Prom” party will be held at the Mercer household! Invites are not necessary, simply show up in some less than fancy attire and spend the night with your fellow classmates or friends! Be sure to organize rides home, as the Sheriff plans to have patrols around town to catch any drunk drivers.

Despite Prom being an event mostly for the teenagers of the group, we have included the after party so that everyone has a chance to take part in the event. If you, for some reason, don’t believe your character would attend either– you need to message us so we can give you another task in order to fulfill the mandatory para and/or chatzy rule we’ll have for this event. We expect every member to complete one para or chatzy for this event that relates into the event we have, and we will be checking. If you have two or more characters, you can choose to only do a para or chatzy for one, and the rule will not apply to you. But for the next event, you need to do your para for the other character to keep things even and fair. If you do not abide by this rule, we will give you one warning. At the next event if you break the rule again, we will reopen your role. We plan to begin this event at 8 p.m. EST. Though both the Prom and after party will only be from Friday night to early into Saturday, we will allow you all to continue your paras and chatzys until Monday, May 27th. We expect everyone to spend today/tonight plotting for their character’s role in the event, just so things tomorrow will run smoothly. Any questions, you guys know what to do!