I’m going to test this out later tonight if I have time.
The towers should be made like legs on a lizard or turtle or something similar.
They should poke out at an angle and be pretty cool if I am correct.

If you wanted to you could add towers to the planet by doing the same “leg” technique if you really wanted to.

Edit: The Derspit I made used 3ft of rexlace.

Spent all day burning a set of norse runes for divination.
I’ve always loved tarot but there are just too many things to learn and draw and norse runes are really pretty.

The night before last my wood burning tool started smelling like burning plastic and the whole end turned black so I bought a new one last night (with a luckily timed 50% off coupon). This one has a heat setting on it and a nice grip. The old one burned me and the temperature was never stable so I ended up with inconsistent lines and burnt myself frequently.

It’s been so long since I posted any art so have this wip of a new Loki I am working on. I’m trying not to use any duct tape at all. The helmet is paper mache, and the elbow length gloves were sewn out of a pair of panty-hose-like dress socks.

I was actually goofing off and pretending to yell at my brother when he took this shot.

I’ve been injured for a couple months now, and I don’t see an end in sight,(Things are looking up!) but my boy made me an entire ghostbusters suit so I can bust ghosts with him.
My boy and by best buddy are helping me finish up the secret surprise cosplay I’m working on. That will be up here soon enough Hopefully this hand will be fixed up soon so I can get back to making things.