Minor Update #??


Who doesn’t love a good thunderstorm?  Plenty of people, I suppose, but whether you do or don’t is irrelevant.  I fondly remember my childhood, when we’d have a thunderstorm every afternoon in summer like clockwork, so I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to update a little bit.

Besides, there’s still plenty to do around town!  Faircon’s still going on and we’re only halfway through the month…

Faircon is running only through the month of July, and we have a friendly little nerd competition going on with our sister-town of Egg (4B00-0077-0660) to see who shall reign supreme - DSea or Starvel.  Superhero logo shirts are available in both towns, and the winner will be determined by who - out of villagers and visitors - wears the most of which of the Big Two’s shirts.Send me a screencap of yourself visiting Fairbush with your favorite hero shirt on, and get a free sketch of your Mayor.  It’s just for the month of July, so you only have until 07/31/2017.)

PLUS, another thing I couldn’t resist doing…yet more Splatoon gear!  I was in a hurry, so they look a little off to me.  I may update them in future :’D

Referenced from the ever-awesome @krak-on-splat-roller ‘s screenshots.