(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qo3qDMJ7pXM)

Watch Detroit Speed co-owner, Kyle Tucker, maneuver the DSE 1970 #Camaro Test Car through the cones at the Optima “Search for the Ultimate Street Car” event in Charlotte, NC.  https://youtu.be/qo3qDMJ7pXM


So today I was on a roll and did all this during the afternoon night! The first one is actually for the facebook group “Daily SpitPaint” where you have 30 min to draw something with one of the daily themes so I did the Ocean Ballet one with Pearl from Steven Universe! That’s also why it looks so unfinished but I might work more on it some other time.

Everything else were palette requests over twitter! Except the other Pearl in there and the dark haired guy in the last drawing (which belongs to dserpentes) they are all original characters!

Each kiss was different, each rising higher and higher like a spark as a fire grew: quick soft kisses that told her he loved her, long slow worshipful kisses that said that he trusted her, playful light kisses that said that he still had hope, adoring kisses that said he had faith in her as he did in no one else.