After everything settles down, Bonnie goes and changes her name to Bonnie Bennett-St. John. She knows, technically, they never got married - but if she’s going to run the Armory, even as a school for witches and not as an underground society for sketchy supernatural secrets - then she wants to honor the St. John family. Specifically him.

So she spends her time there, with Caroline and the twins, teaching new witches and running this school. Some of the witches are orphans, so she practically adopts - some officially, some unofficially - several of them over the years. They welcome witches and siphons, and when the twins are teenagers Bonnie tells them the story of their uncle Kai and how treating others who are different poorly can push them down a dangerous path. And Lizzie and Josie “graduate” and go to a real high school and a real college, but visit their Aunt Bonnie all the time (and their mom, of course, who still works in broadcasting but had to move when the girls were reaching their 20s because Caroline looked like their sister). 

And eventually, they expand - werewolves learning about their family histories and newly turned vampires transitioning. It’s a school for supernaturals, all of them, and Bonnie thrives - she grows older, wiser; she hires some other teachers and all of the children become her babies, even as they graduate and move on and what started as a daycare service for 2 or 3 children becomes a full-fledged 200+ student school and Bonnie never changes the name from the Armory, because it’s still a training ground, just with a slightly less nefarious purpose.

Bonnie grows old, into her 40s and 50s. She dates, has sex, pretends to be Caroline’s crazy aunt when they visit other towns. They both visit Matt regularly, become best friends’ with his wife, spoil his kids rotten. Matt and Caroline never ask her to move on, find a man and settle down, because Bonnie has settled down - with her baby witches, her school, her new home. She has a life outside of work - with those she’s adopted and her best friends. But the school is her baby.

Bonnie is happy.

In her 60s and 70s, she slows down a bit. She’s old, but still stubborn and determined - she still teaches, still organizes, and still adopts grandchildren. In 50 years, she never loses her magic once, always able to control the balance of nature and role model her powers for her kids. There’s peace. 

Lizzie and Josie visit for their father’s funeral when Bonnie is 63.

Matt retires in his late 60s and encourages Bonnie to do the same, but she doesn’t listen. Instead, she hires him to tell stories to the littlest ones, about how a human killed evil vampires, befriended nice ones, and survived all of it. Caroline visits as often as she can, and the kids understand because they know, and they all look forward to the 30 years later when she can return back to them. 

When Bonnie turns 81, Matt dies and a new wave of grief begins. Caroline hurts the most, likely, because Bonnie knows she’s next. But she’s at peace with that. She has lived her mortal life, completely and totally, with no regrets. She’s happy.

Caroline has to send away all her adopted witches and vampires and werewolves from over the years when Bonnie is 87. Bonnie dies of old age, in her sleep, Caroline lying next to her; in her final breaths, she smiles. She did it. She lived her life, all of it. She kept her promise.

(If Enzo hadn’t been the first person Bonnie saw when she arrives, she may have refused to speak to him. But of course, he’s there, arms wide and smiling, and Bonnie doesn’t say anything for a long while as they stand there, dancing.)


The Andromeda Initiative’s mission is one of discovery and exploration, as well as colonization. Readying personnel to journey into harsh environments - and even the void of space - was always part of the plan. Thus, the Initiative’s custom Deep Space Explorer (DSE) hardsuit is equipped with multiple environment seals, failsafes, and a hefty liquid oxygen supply, a formidable kinetic barrier generator, and an array of scientific instruments. Although many were built, most were mysteriously lost en route to Andromeda.