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DSDS: Her Favorite Uncle

Guest Starring: Hyuuga Neji and Uchiha Itachi …with a special visitor.


One would think that two very calm, collected geniuses would see eye to eye on most things or at least be able to tolerate each other because they were after all, geniuses.

Until something changed about six years ago…

Uchiha Hikari was born.

Both men were far too busy to even think about having children so when it was announced that Hikari was born…

Well, they would make sure that the title of best Uncle was-

“You are Hinata’s cousin not brother therefore you are not considered an Uncle,” explained Uchiha Itachi. “You are nothing more than a second-cousin.”

Neji Hyuuga crossed his arms. “She is like my younger sister.”

“Then you are only like an Uncle whereas I am a direct Uncle.”

Opal met onyx in a very dangerous way. Hinata chewed on her nails by habit as both ANBU captains sat across from each other in her living room. She really wished Sasuke would hurry home with Hikari.

It had been her first day at the academy. Her father did not take this morning well and that’s the reason Itachi and Neji were even in the same room.

Apparently this morning, Sasuke was preparing to hide Hikari so she wouldn’t have to go to school. The ANBU captains were doing their normal scouting when they found him.

Hinata couldn’t catch a break if someone gave it to her in a gift basket.

The young mother nearly jumped out her skin when the door flung open revealing a smiling Hikari.

“Kaa!” She screamed happily before noticing the two men on the verge of having a war. “Chichi? Jiji?”

Why on Earth was she so adorable?

Itachi lifted a small smirk and beckoned his niece to his lap. “Hikari,” he started as she made herself comfortable on his lap. “Who is your real Ouji?”

“M-my real Ouji?”

“Uchiha Hikari.” A rather upset Sasuke walked through the door.

“Tou! You made it!” Hikari giggled.

“Focus,” both Itachi and Neji told her.

Sasuke looked between both prodigy then to his nervous wife and back to the men. “Why are you two still here?”

“Mind you business, brother,” Itachi spoke and directed his undivided attention back to the little girl. “Tell us, Hikari.”

Hikari looked up at Itachi then to Neji and this repeated three times. “You both are!”

Itachi sighed. “He is nothing but a second-cousin.”

“H-huh? Jiji…” Ebony eyes drifted towards the man opposite of her.

Sasuke frowned at his brother’s words. “Don’t confuse her. He is her uncle.”

Neji glanced up at the younger Uchiha brother and was about to give his thanks until-

“Apparently cousins means brother in the Hyuuga clan.”

“Sasuke!” Hinata scolded.

Onyx eyes rolled, both Itachi and Sasuke’s. Hikari was still confused. “I love both of you, ne!”

“Who is the best?” Neji pressed.

“Clearly I am, right?” Itachi patted the child on the head.

“Best?!” She perked up. “Aaaah…” She tapped a finger to her chin thoughtfully. Ebony eyes closed as she tilted her head. “Beeeest,” she sang. “Ano…”

“Hikari…” Neji strained.

“Jiji wait!” She pouted and threw up her arms.

“See, Hyuuga.” Itachi said.

“Ne, you too Chichi!” Hikari pinched his nose.

Sasuke looked at Hinata and sighed. While he would love to see his brother and cousin-in-law fight until nothing was left but highly conditioned hair…

…he had to end this.

“Hikari, its time for your nap.”

The little girl squeaked. “My nap? I t-thought I was a big girl now, Tou!”

Sasuke pried his daughter from his brother’s hands. “Yeah, but your mother is a big girl who still needs naps.”

Hikari laughed as Sasuke put her in Hinata’s arms. “Kaa is a lady,” corrected Hikari.

Hinata nodded. “Exactly.”

Sasuke waved dismissively. “Go take your naps.” His ‘ladies’ smiled and went into the back room.

Turning back to the men and knelt down between them. “Neither of you are her favorite Uncle.”

They stared at him for more information. Sasuke continued, “Apparently, Hikari says her favorite Uncle is someone that is not even family.”


There was a knock at the front door, followed by small footsteps and Hikari running pass all three men. “Tou! Tou!” She called, struggling to open the door.

“That’s him,” Sasuke said with a sigh.

Neji and Itachi went to door and almost broke it down trying to open it. Standing behind the door was…

Hikari jumped into his arms. “Uncle Shino!”