‘So I have a fear of heights! Is that really so cray cray’

been inspire for lineless art lately and really trying to get better at it ;v;


On the whole today was pretty good.  Aside from sicky kid having some trouble sleeping last night, and a pretty early morning wakeup (5am), things went reasonably smoothly.  Our friends came down from the cities to brew beer and hang out, and generally we had a pretty good day of it.  Now Navyy is out with a friend of hers for the night and Minky is down so I have the house to myself and no grand plans.  

I could do some cleaning or something productive, but I think I will probably instead focus on a little self-care/pampering and opt for an early bedtime instead.  The kitties are on the right track (and are looking pretty relaxed/settled in if you ask me).  So I poured myself a nommy imperial stout, and I am probably going to hop in the bath, shave my legs, paint my nails, and then sit around in my pajamas being lazy until I am ready to sleep.  Looking forward to the quiet night.

Feeling totally undecided between these three nail colors tonight, who wants to pick for me (first vote wins)?

To sell or to keep
Mutsu Week Day 6

shoutout to paint tool sai for crashing on me before i got the chance to save \ o /

also i learned that Yato means “wild rabbit” and i’m laughing 

justamas, we fell in love with a bunch of bunnies how do you feel about that

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