Podcasts Masterpost!

Okay, so I have a new super big obsession called podcasts. I figured I’d share a huge masterpost of podcasts that I listen to! I’ll try and keep this updated or make a new post every few months or so.

Feel free to message me or send me asks about podcasts any time! I would love to talk podcasts with anyone!

First off, I use this wonderful app called Pocket Casts! It is a paid app ($3.99), but I’ve messed with other free apps like Stitchr and Podcast Addict and personally none of them come close to the amazingness that is Pocket Casts. I have never used iTunes for podcasts, so I can’t say anything about that.

Second off, I’m in a huge podcast hole so this is going to be a really long list. I’ll try and split it all up by genre and use a couple modifiers to show things.

  • italics = caught up
  • bold = currently listening to
  • underline = favorite
  • (parenthesis) = a secondary genre I feel is important to share
  • D = Daily; W = Weekly, BW = every other week, M = Monthly, Wh = Whenever?, F = Finished

World/Political News Podcasts

(All news podcasts are “caught up” since it’s not really worth it to go back 2 years to catch up on news.)

  • NPR First Up - D
  • NPR Here and Now - D
  • Trends Like These - W
  • NPR World Story of the Day - D

Science and Science News Podcasts

  • Holy F**king Science (comedy) - W
  • Nature Podcast - W
  • BBC Science in Action - W
  • Science Solved It - W
  • SciFri - W
  • Terrestrial - BW
  • RadioLab - BWish
  • BBC The Science Hour - W
  • Undiscovered - W
  • Outside/In - W

History, Literature, and Media (Nonfiction)

  • Imaginary Worlds - BW (discusses literature)
  • Lore - BW (TW: horror-y stuff)
  • Myths and Legends - W
  • Once More With… - Wh/On Hiatus (Buffy rewatch)
  • Our Fake History - BW
  • Potterless - BW (Harry Potter readthrough)
  • Something True - W (History)
  • The British History Podcast - W
  • The Dollop - 2xW (Comedy)
  • The Kind Rewind - W
  • You Must Remember This - W

Miscellaneous Educational/Learning

These are edu podcasts that cover a wide range of topics or just don’t fit in other genres.

  • Data Skeptic - W (Mathematics)
  • Every Little Thing - W (Variety)
  • Freakonomics - W (Economics)
  • Gastropod - Wh (Food and Culture)
  • Humanize Me - Wh (Culture/Philosophy)
  • Make Me Smart with Kai and Molly - W (Business/Tech/Culture)
  • Note to Self - W (Tech)
  • Sawbones - W (Medical History)
  • Sidedoor by Smithsonian - BW or F - on between season break? (Variety)
  • BBC The Documentary - D-ish
  • This Week I Learned… - W (Variety)

Comedy Podcasts

  • We Have Concerns - 3xW
  • Bunker Buddies - W
  • Dear Hank and John - W
  • Lady to Lady - W
  • My Brother My Brother and Me - W
  • Oh No Ross and Carrie - Wh
  • Schmanners - W
  • Spilled Milk - W (Food Comedy)
  • The Flop House - BW

Lifestyle Podcasts

  • Call Your Girlfriend - W
  • Adventures in Roommating - Wh
  • Design Life - W (Design/Motivation)
  • Hello Internet - M/Wh
  • I Don’t Know How She Does It! - W
  • One Bad Mother - W (Motherhood and Comedy)

True Crime and Weird Things (UFOs, Cryptids) Podcasts

General Trigger Warning for crime, violence, death, sexual assault. Not all of these podcasts include all of these things, but it’s a good idea to be wary or check out more in depth descriptions of these podcasts if you feel you need to.

  • Astonishing Legends (just weird things) - W
  • Casefile - W
  • Criminal - BW
  • In Sight - W
  • The Last Podcast on the Left - W
  • My Favorite Murder - 2xW

Fiction/Drama Series

  • Alice Isn’t Dead - BW
  • Dark Tome - BW
  • Archive 81 - BW (Horror/Suspense Series)
  • Escape Pod - W (Science Fiction Anthology)
  • Hello From the Magic Tavern - W (DnD Style Fantasy)
  • Mabel - W (currently on a break after end season 2)
  • PodCastle - W (Fantasy Anthology)
  • Rabbits - BW
  • Tanis - BW
  • The Adventure Zone - BW (Bros playing DnD!)
  • The Bright Sessions - BW
  • The Deep Vault - F?
  • The Elysium Project - Wh
  • The Truth - BW (Short Story Anthology)
  • Welcome to Night Vale - BW
  • Within the Wires - F
  • Wolf 359 - BW (currently between seasons)

So that’s all I’ve got! (All haha) I did put these in genres myself based on my own opinions so let me know if something is weird. I’m pretty sure I got all the timelines and all of that right too so let me know if that’s weird. Again, if anyone wants to message me or send me an ask about poscasts let me know!

Last updated: 5/25/2017

Anatomy (and Science) Vocabulary in Spanish and French

Requested by anon! :D

Science – La ciencia – La science

Scientist – El/la científico/a – Le/ la scientifique

Experiment – El experimento – L’expérience (f.)

Chemistry – La química – La chimie

Chemist – El/ la químico/a – Le/ la chimiste

Reaction – La reacción – La réaction

Atom – El átomo – L’atome (m.)

Explosion – La explosión – L’explosion (f.)

Substance – La substancia – La substance

Physics – La física – La physique

Physicist – El/ la físico/a – Le/ la physicien/ne

Gravity – La gravedad – La gravité

Law – La ley – La loi

Biology – La biología – La biologie

Biologist – El/ la biólogo/a – Le/ la biologiste

Anatomy – La anatomía – L’anatomie (m.)

Body – El cuerpo – Le corps

Head – La cabeza – La tête

Face – La cara – Le visage

Skin – La piel – La peau

Arm – El brazo – Le bras

Leg – La pierna – La jambe

Foot – El pie – Le pied

Hand – La mano – La main

Eye – El ojo – L’œil (m.)*

Mouth – La boca – La bouche

Nose – La nariz – Le nez

Finger – El dedo – Le doigt

Toe – El dedo del pie – L’orteil (m.)

Knee – La rodilla – Le genou

Shoulder – El hombro – L’épaule (f.)

Elbow – El codo – Le coude

Neck – El cuello – Le cou

Stomach – La barriga/ el estómago – Le ventre/ l’estomac (m.)

Back – La espalda – Le dos

Hair – El cabello – Le cheveu

Ear – La oreja – L’oreille

Wrist – La muñeca – Le poignet

Ankle – El tobillo – La cheville

Tooth – El diente – La dent

Throat – La garganta – La gorge

Heart – El corazón – Le cœur

Brain – El cerebro – Le cerveau

Blood – La sangre – Le sang

Vein – La vena – La veine

Bone – El hueso – L’os

Skeleton – El esqueleto – Le squelette

*Oeil has an unusual plural: yeux.

anonymous asked:

I've indirectly become friend with the entire science department at my school because I'd tell your jokes to my teacher, and she would tell them to others. So now when they see me in the Science hall, they always ask "hey, got a joke for me?" Thanks! (?)

You are so awesome! :D


theaskingguy  asked:

All of the scientific stuff written on the papers, are actually physics you understand, or you just put random cientific numbers and letters over them?

No it’s all actually physics stuff. Mostly what you see are notes on quantum physics, photons, the physics of lights, space time continuum mumbo jumbo, string theory and dumb science jokes that were snuck in =D