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Many describe those pieces as sad or melancholic, but I like to define them as “pondering music”: it is music that describes your mental processes when, in moments of silence and solitude, you reflect on all and nothing, on life and everything about it. It is really deep, and yet you don’t carry it as a burden on your shoulders. It is, in fact, as light as thoughts.
—  Me, introducing a friend to Satie’s Gnossiennes

Gaveau à Paris (founded 1847): THE SWAN PIANO (France 1925)

Gaveau, established in 1847, was one of Europe’s most pre-eminent piano manufacturers known for its technical innovation and quality of production. The world famous Salle Gaveau , commissioned in 1905, is still used for piano competitions and concerts today.

Sometimes I like to imagine classical composers with sassy t-shirts

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George Li, age: 19

Studies in the joint programme of Harvard University and the New England Conservatory of Music under Profs. Wha Kyung Byun and Russell Sherman. George’s previous piano teachers include Mrs. Dorothy Shi (杨镜钏) and Mr. Chengzong Yin (殷承宗). In 2010, George won First Prize at Young Concert Artist International Audition. In 2012 he won the Gilmore Young Artist Award which is restricted to pianists from the USA under the age of 22 and also the Tabor Foundation Piano Award at Verbier Festival Academy (Switzerland). In 2014 he won at the Grand Prix Animato in Paris and took second prize at the Vendôme Prize International Piano Competition. In 2011 he was invited by President Barack Obama to perform at the White House during a reception for Angela Merkel. The pianist’s solo concerts have been heard in the USA, Canada and Europe. He has performed with the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, the Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra, and the Boston Youth Orchestra among others.