Another remix by DSCAccount, this one of the lovely Agitha’s Theme.

I love Agitha. She’s adorable and of all the bugs she has you collect she doesn’t want the kind that I’m terrified of. That makes her awesome in my book. Although on this playthrough I turned Agitha’s ball into a sausage fest by turning in only the male bugs at first, just because I could.

Which leads me into thinking about another part of the game that annoyed me: the rupee limit. Seriously, if you’re going to make Link put the rupees back if his wallet is too full, then at least give him a bigger wallet. Even 1000 rupees is way too small a cap. I ended up wearing the Magic Armor just to waste rupees, since I care way more about opening all the chests in a dungeon than I do about wasting rupees. I always end up with too many of those anyway.

But none of that is Agitha’s fault, she’s a sweetie.


Happy birthday to me! You have no idea how happy it makes me to have this song show up the night before my birthday totally coincidentally. So thank you DSCAccount! And it will actually be my birthday by the time this posts, thanks to the magical confusing queue thing.

I have really become ridiculously obsessed with this theme. I have a playlist just consisting of the different versions that play as you traverse through the castle. And it’s kind of embarrassing how many times I’ve listened to that playlist. I’ve even been thinking of dusting off my violin and seeing if I can’t learn how to play this, even though I am terrible.


The only song I have from the Oracle games in the guitar covers collection is Lynna Village. There are two of them out there and they’re both good, but I wanted to post the one by DSCAccount this time. It’s got a nice mix of chill acoustic and awesome metal going on.

So about Wind Waker… I thought I had forgotten my memory cards at my old place so I’ve been waiting until I go back for a visit next week to go and get them so I can finally start on WW. But then I went and found them sitting in the WW case, which is of course the sensible place they would be. By the time I found them I had gotten absorbed in a Zelda crafty project. The short version? I’ll start on it tomorrow.

Bonus Round: MetalFortress14’s Version