So I thought I’d make this to help everyone out.

This is Likely Not All of the Cast.  It is everyone who has, so far, been announced.  CBS has been announcing people two or three at a time.  Why?  No one knows!

  • We don’t know for sure who is regular cast and who is guest cast for the most part. 
  • IMDB offers some info-speculation, but take it with a grain of salt.
  • CBS has never officially said Sonequa Martin-Green is aboard; but she did briefly in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that was mostly about how she can do both Discovery and The Walking Dead.  Why CBS hasn’t said anything is anyone’s guess!
  • We know we’ll have 2 (two) Starfleet Ships AND at least 1 (one) Klingon ship, though not for how long - the Klingons are all so far only listed as in 2 episodes.
  • Sarek is thus far the only previously canon character; he’s only listed in 1 episode yet.

I think all of them are on Twitter?  As are all the writers.  Though all to various degrees of activity.  If you’re interested.

Here’s hoping the next cast announced is three more women, to even things out!


Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Dusk by Michael Boys
Via Flickr:
This was a beautiful evening at the Magic Kingdom. The sky lit up with numerous clouds catching purple from the setting sun. The full moon perched above Prince Eric’s Castle was the proverbial cherry on top.

Preocupe-se mais com a sua consciência do que com sua reputação. Porque sua consciência é o que você é, e a sua reputação é o que os outros pensam de você. E o que os outros pensam, é problema deles.
—  Desconhecido.

Thing I want with Star Trek Discovery: That Burnham doesn’t have to have straightened hair. Which up to this point practically every black female Starfleet character has had.

It would be great if Star Trek in the year 2017 got over the idea that black women’s natural hair aren’t compatible with the job. Just look at Worf’s hair. How is his long, flowing hair or braids functioning any differently than dreads would? 

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with straightened hair, wigs or however you want to live your life. But it’s sad if Star Trek keeps reinforcing this idea of what is “professional” and not, which is frankly based on racist ideals. Which also makes no sense in Starfleet where you have all these people looking in a million different ways from alien planets and the likes - but they wouldn’t be able to handle a human with their hair as it grows out of their heads?  

That is just silly too me.