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Report in the cardiac ICU can sometimes be very confusing! Not just because the diagnoses are complicated, but they’re often given almost entirely in abbreviations. For example: prenatally diagnosed with d-TGA + IVS, BAS on DOL 1, PGE for PDA started in NICU. Now s/p ASO. Off CBP, DSC 2 days ago. CTs, DRA, PD D/Cd. Huh?!

Here are some common cardiac abbreviations, decoded!

RV - right ventricle
LV - left ventricle
RA - right atrium
LA - left atrium
PA - pulmonary artery
LPA - left pulmonary artery
RPA - right pulmonary artery
PA - pulmonary atresia
PV - pulmonary veins
PS - pulmonary stenosis
AS - aortic stenosis
MS - mitral stenosis
IVC - inferior vena cava
SVC - superior vena cava
SA - subclavian artery
AO - aorta
COA - coarctation
LCA - left coronary artery
RCA - right coronary artery
MAPCAS - major aortopulmonary collateral arteries
ASD - atrial septal defect
VSD - ventral septal defect
AVSD - atrioventricular septal defect
PDA - patent ductus arteriosis
PFO - patent foramen ovale
TGA - transposition of the great arteries
DORV - Double Outlet Right Ventricle
DILV - Double Inlet Left Ventricle
TAPVR - total anomalous pulmonary venous return
HLHS - hypoplastic left heart syndrome
IAA - interrupted aortic arch
BT shunt - Blalock Taussing shunt
DSC - delayed sternal closure
TOF - Tetralogy of Fallot
IVS - intact ventricular septum
BAS - balloon atrial septostomy
DOL - day of life
ROM - rupture of membranes
IUGR - intrauterine growth restriction
LGA - large for gestational age
MBM - mother’s breast milk
ASO - aterial switch operation
DKS - Damus Kaye Stansel procedure
CPB - cardiopulmonary bypass
POD - post-op day
PGE/PGE1 - prostaglandin
MSI - midsternal incision
CT - chest tube
AMCT - anterior mediastinal chest tube
PMCT - posterior mediastinal chest tube
UAC - umbilical aterial catheter
UVC - umbilical venous catheter
EJ - external jugular
DRA - direct right atrium (line)
PD - peritoneal dialysis
RAP - right atrium pressure
CVP - central venous pressure
MAP - mean arterial pressure
JET - junctional ectopic tachycardia
SVT - supraventricular tachycardia

anonymous asked:

I know this kinda goes against what some people think of this relationship, but I think Chris and Leon secretly hate each other and both think the other is incompetent at their work. But they put on airs of being best friends to make their superiors and Claire happy.

That’s an interesting assumption,maybe Chris and Leon see themselves too different from eachother, like Krauser said “different sides of the coin” but both Leon and Chris are in good side, so they do not or have little interaction with one another in normal life, and anon, I’m not going to change your mind or something like that, but I’d love to show you some signs for their bro ship here ,(that come to me when I make that pts of people comment on Chris and Leon),  and probably the reason why I think they have good friendship in the series

At first, Chris knew Claire was in trouble and came to save her thanks to Leon, he even asked Leon for a rescue mission

( Chris short of smiled when he mentioned Leon contacted him here)

A complete stranger told him his sister was in danger and Chris listened to him, it must have come with very solid evidences that made Chris believed him and even asked for help.

That leads me to my personal headcanon for these two: after the incident they could’ve met, had drink together, talked and other things men did for bonding. Considering DSC was based off Leon’s memories, it could be Chris or Claire that  narrated the story to him ( I think it’s likely Claire, but since the story wasn’t exact the same as Code Veronica, I assume it could be Chris, bc he didn’t know all and thought Steve was with Claire all the time)

In degeneration, Leon brought Chris out to comfort Claire in the tent, and Leon’s report was sent to the BSAA  and Chris read it. Another headcanon from me : Leon was the one who got the information of Jill might still alive ( he got it from Ada in “that night” but never told anyone about this)

Then here came Re 6

Chris was all grumpy, angry when the two collided, fighted and screamed at eachother

but guess what? After the screaming match with Leon, Chris calmed down. Just TAKE . A . LOOK . AT . THIS

(the look they gave eachother)

(that little understand and “I trust you” nod)

( said out loud, althought Chris ended up doing what he wanted anyway)

( they way he screamed his name)

Chris wan i hatred with Ada, and neither Chris nor Leon knew the woman they encountered in that room wasn’t Ada, but with the way Leon was protective over her, Chris seemed to know there must’ve been something going on between Leon hand her ( that I’m sure might’ve come in their conversation sometime outside of the game, Leon never mentioned the name, just “some woman that happened to come across” his life LOL)

(see how hard it is to Chris to break the news “Ada Wong was dead” to Leon)

There’d be more, but with my limited words ,those are my opinion about Chris and Leon’s relationship. I don’t know if it ‘d change yours about them or not , just a bit thinking from me. HAND (: