Day Three - Your favorite Damon’s quote

“I’m not a hero, Elena. I don’t do good. It’s not in me.” [Founder’s Day #122]

Probably this line will always remain my favorite Damon’s quote, because it’s just SO Damon. He does a lot of good things, he saves the people he cares about and even the ones he says he doesn’t. He protects his town, because it’s his home, even if he doesn’t want to admit it. Maybe he’s impulsive and sometimes it seems that he doesn’t care about collateral damages, but it’s not true, because in the end he always tries his best to keep everyone safe. He’s the real hero of Mystic Falls, even if he doesn’t think he is and everyone blames him for every bad thing. The truth is, nobody would still be alive without Damon, imo.  And the fact that he doesn’t admit how good he is, how big his heart is, makes me love him even more.


Damon Salvatore Appreciation Week → Day One | Why You Love Him
 His complexity. There are SO many reasons as to why I love Damon, but I think what makes him the most entertaining character is because he is so layered. I also feel like he is the one who has gotten the most development, and he is written beautifully.


Day 3 - Your favorite Damon’s quote or quote about Damon

First, I’m sorry that this is late! And I will make that Day 4 today also. :)

I actually have too much fav quotes from Damon. And actually I love every quote about Damon. But this quote.. I think it’s my all time favourite at the moment. 

Elena: Matt would be dead, because you couldn’t let go. Matt would be dead!

Damon: But you wouldn’t be!



Damon Salvatore Appreciation week

Day 2 : your favorite Damon’s moment(s). I couldn’t choose, really, because there are multiple moments that made me love him so much. Each one of them teach us something new about him and his complexity. They are all important and they are the reason why I run this blog. HE is the reason <3



Day Two: Favorite Damon Moment

I cherish every Damon moment. For me his presence on screen is more than enough. Having said that, there are myriad gut-wrenching Damon scenes that have laid the soul of Damon bare. Have shown us what a beautiful and selfless person he is. That have moved my stoic self to a sobbing quivering mess and forever been cemented in my memory. Here are a few of my favorites:

1)Damon proposing to compel Jeremy(1x07): A very underrated moment but a very memorable one in my opinion.It was the first time we saw Damon, someone who had been a cold ruthless killer to this point do something just out of the goodness of his heart. After Stefan had told Elena that he was not powerful enough to take away Jeremy’s suffering, Damon appeared out of thin air offering to do it instead. He wanted to make it right in whatever way he could. It was the first time I realized there was more to the residential bad boy of Mystic Falls; there was goodness, a man inside the monster.

2)Damon’s confession (2x08): I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful and equally painful love confession. Everything about Damon broke my heart here especially when he claims that admitting his love for Elena was “probably the most selfish thing ever.” Damon did not ask anything in return for his confession. No, it was simply something that he had to say, and Elena just needed to hear it. Can anything compare to the pure pain in Damon’s eyes as he let Elena go, that one tear that slid down his face as he wished she didn’t have to forget? I don’t believe so.

3)Damon giving Rose a dream (2x12): There’s hardly been a more poignant example of Damon’s goodness. Here is this woman that Damon hardly knows, a woman who took a werewolf bite for him, and he is giving her the peace she deserves. He stakes her to take her out of her suffering, and you can see how much it affects him. He puts on a mask of not caring about anyone, but this scene stripped that away, leaving nothing left but a broken man who wants to take away someone else’s suffering. There is nothing more beautiful than that.

4)Damon talking to Alaric’s Grave (4x02): I don’t know if there can be anything more lugubrious than this scene. Damon is alone, not a soul whom he can talk to, express his sorrows, not a single friend.So he resorts to talking to Alaric’s grave. His only company is his bottle of bourbon. His loneliness gives him the strength to speak about his emotions openly, admitting that he will never be able to forget his friend. He will always feel his loss because when you lose someone all there is “left is a hole in your life where that somebody that you cared about used to be.”

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Damon Salvatore Appreciation Week - Day One Why You Love Him

I could talk all night about how wonderful Damon is. He is funny, charming, sexy, honest and selfless. What I love most about him is his love for others. Love for Katherine, he loved her more than 150 years, waiting to be with her again. Now he loves Elena and e
verything I want for him is his happiness,  I hope he find it at her side. What else do I love in him?  He is the funniest character in the show, he always helps everyone while they don’t even listen to him.
He deserves all the best


Day Two → Favourite Damon’s moment(s)

There are too many moments that made me love Damon Salvatore, so I just chose the ones that are the most significant to me.

2x09 This is the moment, where Damon finally closes his chapter with Katherine. After all this years of loving her, he is able to let her go.

2x12 I cry every time I watch this scene. Because Damon wants to be a better man, but there are times it just seems pointless to him. Sometimes he just can’t stand the pain, because he cares too much.
He kills Jessica to feel better, but it still doesn’t help. And then we see his face. He has tears in his eyes and he feels like he failed. Again.

4x02 One of my favourites Dalaric moments. After a long day Damon is sitting next to his friend, drinking bourbon, thinking about life. He’s talking to Alaric, like always. The only difference between this moment and every other in the past seasons is that Alaric is dead. But Damon will never forget about him. So he’ll sit there and talk to his friend, because that’s what he does. He never leaves people.

4x06 Simply the most beautiful scene in this season. From the beginning to the end. And his trembling hand is just… He’s vulnerable around Elena and it’s amazing.



Day One - Why you love Damon

Damon Salvatore is like a layered onion. There is so much to him but when you peel those layers and reach his core you realize he has the most beautiful and purest heart. He loves unconditionally, selflessly, above and beyond everything. He places the happiness of his loved ones over everything. And I absolutely love that about him. When he left a trail of intoxicating kisses on Katherine’s body he was willing to forget the 145 years he spent looking for her. When he saw Elena distraught and struggling over her new vampirism, he forgot everything and promised to help her. He will do anything for the person who he loves, be it watching them with someone else and be just a friend on the sideline, be it be sacrificing himself. Such is the love of Damon Salvatore.

Having said that, I cannot pinpoint my love for Damon Salvatore for solely this reason. I love everything about him. Be it his snarky comments, his cute expressions, his OCD or his plans to go snapping his enemies necks. He could be sitting around his fireplace drinking his bourbon and reading an old copy of Gone With the Wind and I would be fawning over him. I love all of him, even his flaws.

I love Damon Salvatore because he is Damon Salvatore.

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Day 1: Why you love Damon

There is so many reasons why I love Damon. I don’t even know where to start. The list would be endless actually. At first I think I fell in love with him because of his humor and ofc he looks amazing. 

He is the most precious character in this show. His story is the most heartbreaking. 

and then come this sentence: 

“I really think that Damon believes that everything he’s done, every move that he’s made, he’s done for love. It’s twisted but… kind of sad”

This really is one thing what tell everything about Damon Salvatore. The way he is what he is. He doesn’t HIDE anything. My love for him is endless. 

Damon is also the most amazing person in this show, because when he loves someone, it means he really loves. He’s selfless and he would do anything for them who he loves. That’s why he’s so amazing. I’m pretty sure that I forgot to mention something. But seriously, Damon is just simply the best!



day one - why you love Damon

i feel like this brand new scene from 4x05 is a great example of who damon salvatore is. and why i love his character so much.

he is blunt. speaking in riddles and being shady is pointless, he always gets to the point. he is witty and smart. he is funny and crafty. he is brave and stubborn. he is always ready to get out there and fight for what he believes in. he is loyal and honest. he’s confident and cocky. he is selfless and impulsive. sometimes he acts without thinking things through. he drinks too much and is reticent about sharing his own feelings.

his biggest trait is love. his unconditional love. for his brother. for elena. for his few friends. when he loves someone, he loves everything about them. flaws included. he puts his loved ones’ happiness before his own. and doesn’t ask for any reward.

he has been through a lot of pain in his life. rejected by his own father, rejected by the woman he loved, rejected by stefan and now by elena. in season 1 we got to see the darkest side of him, result of all the pain he endured. because sometimes its easier to hide behind a facade of indifference than “having to live up to people’s expectations”. but no matter his past, he is still able to love like no one else. when damon loves, he gives his everything. his love is unconditional, it consumes him. and this amazes me.

he doesn’t seek praise by others, he doesn’t need to tell the world about all the good he has done. he doesn’t need to brag. he knows who he is and accepts himself for what he is. he is a fatalist, a realist. he doesn’t dwell on fantasies and dreams. he takes life for what it is.

this is why damon is such a beautiful and tragic character. because there’s much about him. he is the best developed character on the show. and i love everything he has to offer. :)



Day Four (1) - Your favorite Damon’s ships

Damon and Stefan: The Salvatore Brothers are not perfect, and their brotherhood is not easy to understand, they both made a lot of mistakes, they fight, they pretend to hate each other, maybe they betrayed each other but, in the end, their love is strong and their bond unbreakable and they would die for each other. I love them both, and I love their twisted brotherhood, it gives me a lot of feelings and their bonding moments are probably the ones I cherish the most on the show. No matter how many women will come between them, how many fight they’ll have, how many obstacles will come in their way, they’re a family, maybe not a conventional one, but they’re bounded by blood and at the end of the day, like Elena said, there’s nothing more important that the bond of family.

Damon and Elena: Probably I’m not always the most conventional Delena fan, my emotions are always in the way and my endless love for Damon makes my love for them not balanced at all. But in the end, even if something’s broken in me after #322, I still love them and they are still able to give me chills. The thing that I love the most with them, it’s probably their mutual understanding. It’s so natural and so real and no matter how many times they hurt each other, in the end they always find a way back to each other and every time their bond becomes stronger than before. The road is not easy, it’s full of angst and pain, but then there are those looks, and all I can think is “Oh, yeah, they’re meant to be.” And well, I guess there’s no turning back for me anymore, even if sometimes it hurts so, so bad.

Damon and Alaric: My beloved Team Badass. I’m still not over Alaric’s death, probably I never will. I don’t even know what to say about them because there’s just one word that comes up to my mind: PERFECTION. In the beginning it was all about hate, but then, somehow, they find each other in the middle, understanding that they were basically the same, both alone, both rejected, both addicted to Bourbon, both searching for a sincere friend, someone to count on, without words, or hugs, or promises, just a silent deal, a mutual respect. Probably one of the most beautiful story of friendship ever seen on TV. I’m still crying over them. Forever will. 



Day 2 → Favourite Damon moment

Just for how much time i re-watched it. For all feelings that Ian put in this scene. For  quote, that will never leave my mind. For Alaric, who decides to listen to Damon instead of others. Because Damon’s feelings are the purest one. They are always in him, and in this scene they all appear: his lost, his grief, his love. And his hope that Alaric there. I just can’t…